Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name John Mathers
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Pathology Serial Rapist
Modus Operandi Blue paint smearing
Abduction and rape
No. of Victims 3 raped
3 abducted
1 killed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Victor Bevine
First Appearance The Execution of Catherine Willows

John Mathers is a serial rapist and murderer and the accomplice of serial killer/rapist Kevin Greer. Mathers was executed for a rape and murder committed alone as well as other rapes and murders committed by Greer Mathers abetted in.


Mathers was the accomplice and fellow rapist of serial killer/rapist Kevin Greer, known as "The Blue Paint Killer". The duo targeted college students at Western LVU, getting the moniker from railings near the fountain being smeared with blue paint mixed with motor oil to stay wet for longer. Women whose hands were smeared and washing them off in a nearby fountain were too distracted to fight off a blitz kidnapping. Greer and Mathers would both rape them before Greer strangled them to death. Mathers' pleasure from the crime spree was exhilarating enough to rape and kill one woman alone, Charlene Roth. This would prove to be Mathers' downfall, as DNA and trace evidence would get Mathers arrested and committed for the three murders the duo committed together. Mathers was sentenced to death and executed, even after Greer committed another rape-murder alone around the time Mathers died. Two years after Mathers' execution, Greer would commit two more murders and eventually be found and turn himself in, committing suicide in custody.

Modus Operandi[]

Mathers and Greer targeted Caucasian female college students. Greer blue house paint to railings in the Western Las Vegas University campus; the railings were chosen because they were near a water fountain. Motor oil was mixed into the paint to slow the drying process. The duo would then wait for a victim to touch the railing, and while the victim was trying to wash the paint off at the water fountain, both would ambush them, bind their wrists and ankles with zip-ties, bundle them into a van, and drive away from the site. Mathers and Greer would then stop the van outside an erotic boutique, where Greer made sketches of their victims pleading for mercy. Both would then sexually assault them before Greer strangled them to death. After, they would be left in black garbage bags around Las Vegas and the sketches sold to the owner of the boutique. Mathers worked alone when kidnapping, raping, and killing Charlene Roth, with no sketch as Greer was the visual arts practitioner between the two.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified dates in 1987:
    • Janet Kent (raped with Greer)
    • Marcia Reese (raped with Greer)
    • Charlene Roth


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