Minor Character: Miami
Johnny Nixon
Name Johnny Nixon
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Drug Dealer
Pathology Drug Dealer
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jeremiah Birkett
First Appearance Under Suspicion

Johnny Nixon is Eric Delko's drug dealer. When Eric found out his sister, Marisol, has cancer, he bought marijuana from Johnny to ease her nausea from the chemo therapy treatments.

Season Four[]

Under Suspicion[]

While working on the Walter Resden case, Delko stepped out to buy 27 grams of marijuana from Johnny. He continues to buy marijuana from Johnny on a weekly basis for his sister.


He later got into a turf war with two rival marijuana dealers named Jay Fisher and Byron Diller. When he found out that Byron had a warrant on him for the vehicular manslaughter of an entire family he set a plan in motion. He tipped off a local bounty hunter named Duane Merrick a.k.a. Bull who was looking for Byron and even gave Bull directions to the house they were fighting in. Johnny went upstairs and snuck out the window after shots were fired and Duane killed Jay. When CSIs arrived on the scene he tried to escape on the roof but the skylight broke and Johnny fell on Jay's body.

The officers, including Horatio, initially suspect Johnny killed Jay and Johnny tries to use Delko's status as a client as a bargaining chip. Tripp interrogates Johnny and he tells him about the drug feud between Jay and another dealer but leaves out Byron and Bull's names. He is tested for GSR and it comes back negative effectively clearing him of pulling the trigger but they still hold him. Calleigh Duquesne later confiscates his jacket and finds Byron's DNA on a wad of gun. When they find Byron and Bull the truth comes out on Johnny's involvement in Jay's murder and he is charged as an accomplice and is discredited just as Sergeant Rick Stetler starts to build a case against Delko.


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