Minor Character: Miami
Name Josh Dalton
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Investigative journalist
Pathology Murderer
Proxy killer
Modus Operandi Shooting
Reckless endangerment
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 killed by proxy
2 framed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Peter Spears
First Appearance Deadline

Josh Dalton is a dirty reporter and a murderer appearing in Deadline in CSI:Miami.


Dalton was a young investigative journalist aggressively competing in his field in the Miami Sun paper. Desperate for success and attention, when he couldn't keep up with demand through real stories, he started writing fabricated reports of lies and myths. One he wrote was of nonexistent weapons smuggling on cruise ships. One of Dalton's colleagues, Amy James, caught into his scheme and was collecting evidence to report him. Dalton retaliated by ambushing her in a parking garage, shooting her twice in her back and once in her head from behind without ever seeing her. Dalton then forced Amy into the trunk of her car and left her to die.

Continuing with his "investigation", he had his friend, city councilmen aide Mike Griffith, join him to a crackhouse in the Golden Triangle district, where Miami saw heavy drug activity. Dalton was alleging he was going to "break" the reports of his lies with evidence in the house. But an addict named Bobby Jeter was behind the door and, seeing the two men in suits and ties, feared they were cops. Dalton hear Jeter cock his Mac-11 gun, and ducking just behind Griffin, Dalton narrowly avoided the shots Jeter fired through the door to scare the two men off. Griffith was shot twice in his torso and died at the scene.

Horatio Caine was suspicious of Dalton from the beginning. Even after Jeter was arrested, Caine found out Amy was missing, making Dalton call her phone from his office. Sweating immensely, Dalton dialed her number. Shockingly, she was still alive and pleaded for help to be rescued. Caine reassured her and called it in. Two thugs, Eddie and Jorge, had stolen her car while she was bleeding in the trunk, and the team arrested them once the car was pulled over. When Caine popped the trunk, he found out Amy sadly didn't make it and died during the chase.

The trajectory of the bullets proved Dalton's cowardice when Griffith was murdered, but his stories were eventually found out and he was brought into interrogation. Caine confronted him with the evidence, from what tied him to his crimes to realizing Dalton never expected Amy to call the number from assuming she had long died when she was shot. Dalton was then arrested and taken into police custody. he was soon after imprisoned for murder, fraud, and likely reckless endangerment and accessory to murder.

Modus Operandi[]

Dalton romanticized his stories to publish and tricked his colleagues into believing them, even keeping high-profile contacts to trail him to boost his credibility. When Amy James figured everything out, Dalton shot her in her back and her head from behind in the company's parking garage, then forced her into her car's trunk and left her to die. To save himself when he and Mike Griffith were facing Bobby Jeter, Dalton selfishly hid behind Griffith, using him as a human shield when Jeter shot through the door. When Horatio Caine made Dalton call Amy, he went along with it to not draw suspicion, playing along with speaking to Amy when she was revealed to still be alive and leaving the thugs who stole her car with her inside to briefly take suspicion.

Known Victims[]

  • Amy James (shot twice in her back and once in her head from behind with a .22 revolver; forced into her car trunk, where she died two days later from blood loss)
  • Mike Griffith (ducked behind and left open to being shot twice in his torso by Bobby Jeter)
  • The car chase (both framed for Amy's murder; were exonerated)
    • Eddie
    • Jorge