Minor Character: Miami
Name Juan Marco Varon
Gender Male
Family Carlos Gonzalez (son; incarcerated)
City Miami
Occupation Cigar shop owner
Pathology Serial Rapist
Serial Torturer
War Criminal
Modus Operandi Torture
No. of Victims 1+raped
1+tortured and mutilated
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Judd Omen
First Appearance Blood Moon

Juan Marco Varon is a Cuban guerilla and a serial rapist/torturer, with a signature of branding people, particularly women Varon rapes, with "x"s in their shoulders. Varon is the main murder victim in Blood Moon in CSI:Miami.


Varon was a guerilla employed by the dictatorship to commit war crimes during its oppression. Varon tortured and raped countless people, particularly women, who were branded with "x"s in their shoulders to "own" them. Marisela Gonzalez is one such woman, not only scarred for life, but also pregnant from the rapes Varon made her suffer. She kept her child, a son named Carlos Gonzalez, and she get birth to and raised him herself, loving him dearly but never telling him how he was conceived, despite being candid about Varon and the rape-tortures Marisela went through. Varon eventually immigrated into America to avoid prosecution, owning a cigar store in Miami partly as a cover. Marisela also immigrated, but she turned to working with bringing refugees like her in for fighting to get them asylum. Carlos, being promised he'd be sent for by Marisela, swam to Cuba himself, and despite Marisela trying to talk him down from it, he went after Varon for revenge. Finding the store, Carlos forced Varon into the workshop with a cigar cutter at his throat. Tied to a chair, Varon was subjected to the same tortures, down the brand on the shoulder, as well as castrated as revenge for Marisela's rapes. Varon was killed in the end with a throat slash from the cutter and left behind once Carlos cleaned himself off and ran. Carlos was eventually tracked and arrested, breaking down over finding out Varon is Carlos' biological father, grieving with his mother despite the fact she never told him the truth.

Modus Operandi[]

Varon targeted various people opposing and defying the Cuban regime. Varon would torture and rape every victim, but particularly targeted women to treat as rape slaves, branding them with "x"s on their shoulders to "mark property". Marisela Gonzalez and likely various other women were also impregnated from the rapes. They either kept their babies or had abortions, very likely at Varon's behest while being held captive.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous other unidentified people (raped, tortured, and/or branded with "x"s in their shoulders)
  • Marisela Gonzalez (raped, tortured, and branded with an "x" in her shoulder; impregnated with Carlos Gonzalez)




  • Varon is very likely derived from, maybe amongst other war criminals, Chilean war guerilla Che Guiverra, responsible for over 20 tortures and murders during the Chilean Dirty Wars, and lauded by the Cuban dictatorship.