Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Julia Barrett
Gender Female
Family Unidentified husband (deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Former vice principal
School counselor
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated/Institutionalized
Portrayed By Tess Harper
First Appearance Bully for You

Julia Barrett is a murderer and vigilante appearing in Bully for You in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Barrett was a vice principal at Tetrick High School, where a mass shooting happened a few days after the Columbine High School massacre, killing 11 students and injuring numerous other people, by a sophomore fed up with being bullied because of his glasses. She received psychiatric help and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She was married, but her husband died before Bully for You, leaving her an Astra Terminator she never had expertise on. She decided to turn her trauma into productivity, becoming a school counselor when she moved to Nevada. However, she devastated to find the same bullying she saw in Tetrick, struggling to assist and remedy the kids she consoled. Ace student and class clown Barry Shickle was especially a problem, bullying other students often, to the point where one, Dennis Fram, was left with a bleeding ulcer from being beaten up by Shickle and thinking about suicide. She also saw them taking up self-defense and other violent practices, Fram shooting at target practice, and a student named Dylan, who stabbed Shickle with a fork, going to boxing practice. Fearing one of the bullied students would be the next mass shooter, again at the school she was working at, she took matters into her own hands, sighting Shickle as the problem.

Bully for You[]

When Shickle spray-painted Fram's locker with "STICK", because of his slim figure, before going in the restroom, Barrett was waiting in the last stall, her husband's revolver in hand. With Shickle standing in front of the urinal, Barrett appeared from behind ready to shoot, but Shickle saw the reflection in the mirror and ducked the first shot. Trying to run with pants still down, Barrett shot Shickle three times in the back before leaving.

Barrett's questioned by Catherine Willows, telling her the locker's Fram's and wearily saying she can't keep track of all the kids' activities. When Fram's called in for questions, and he says the GSR on his shirt is from rented target practice, Barrett sides with him and his sister Kelsey, saying Kelsey can vouch for him as his alibi. She also insists to the CSIs to give him the legal treatment he should get as a minor, not an adult. When Barrett hears Gil Grissom spoke to the Fram family, who never knew Shickle was stabbed, Barrett later elaborates despite Shickle's commendable scoring and yearbook voting of "class clown", several dozen kids would want Shickle dead for bullying and misdemeanors. She relays she can't protect the kids from much of the insults they face unless the language is too provocative. Despite Grissom's discouragement of it, she openly blames herself for her limited privileges of action as counselor. She also adds school nowadays is much worse, along with many kids having home issues, so they need to be believed. When Grissom asks what help Shickle gets, she merely says that's up to justice now.

Traces of Chanteuse perfume reveal the killer's a woman. Kelsey fits the height of the killer wearing heels, and she has the perfume, making her a likely suspect, but the CSIs say it wasn't necessarily her in the bathroom, just the perfume, when they fins she has a parking ticket from a hotel night with the coach in exchange for keeping Shickle away from Dennis. The CSIs confront Barrett in her office, revealing the revolver she used to murder Shickle which they found. She admits she doesn't know how to clean it, then confesses, saying she "maybe saved 30 or 40 lives". Grissom mentions 11 lives, then mentions Tetrick and her diagnosis, saying her lawyer should know about it. She then goes into her own terror seeing the bullied kids taking up violent hobbies. Grissom bluntly affirms to her high school, despite being brutal for many kids, is eventually over. Barrett's arrested and either incarcerated or institutionalized, depending on her capacity shown in court.

Known Victims[]

  • Barry Shickle (shot three times in the back with an Astra Terminator revolver)


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