Minor Character: Miami
Name Justin Carson and Diana Chandler
Gender Male (Carson)
Female (Chandler)
Family Larry Chandler (Diana, husband)
Ashley Chandler (Diana, daughter)
City Miami
Pathology Double murderer (Carson)
Double proxy killer (Chandler)
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 2 killed
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Corey Eid (Carson)
Karen Young (Chandler)
First Appearance F-T-F

Justin Carson and Diana Chandler are a duo of killers appearing in F-T-F in CSI:Miami.


Diana Chandler was a lonely housewife and a child predator who entered online chatting to feel young again and entice teenage boys and young men. She posed as her daughter Ashley, uploading photos of her daughter down to Ashley's cheerleading memories on the sites she'd troll. She came across an alleged 19-year-old Marine named "Sean", continued to chat with him, and wanted a face to face meeting. he was really another predator named Marvin Hill, using the same forums to find young girls like Ashley. When Diana and Hill met, Hill was furious, insulting Diana to her face and near the point of revealing her secret to her family. Shamed and enraged, she arranged for Hill's murder out of disgust, but by someone else to keep her hands clean.

She tricked a teenage boy named Justin Carson, with her same "Ashley" profile, by lying that she was Ashley and Hill kept harassing her. Heartbroken and furious for a lie, Carson flew to Miami, where Diana arranged for Carson to get one of her husband Larry's guns from the motel room. Diana set up a roadside meeting with Hill, where Carson appeared in a hoodie and shot him point-blank in his head while standing up from a bench. A passing motorist, Rebecca West was just at the scene when the bullet bounced around hill's head before shooting out the same bullet wound, lodging in Rebecca's neck and killing her as well. Her car crashed into a fire hydrant, which spouted its water and briefly washed the gun down the drain until CSIs retrieved it.

The recreation of the crime revealed the truth about the intended and unintended murders, and Hill's wife Linda revealed his online activity, which kept him from his affairs at motel rooms. Tracking his activity lead to the fake "Ashley" account, which led to Ashley through her cheerleading uniform. As her parents strictly forbade her from the internet, aside from school responsibilities, Ashley was flabbergasted by the account. Larry has an alibi for the murder, but one of his guns was missing. Using the teen tracking program logs on the Chandler home computers, they find Carson's chat history, knowing he's the killer. After the team sets up a meeting, Carson sends another man in his place and flees with a New Mexico license plates car. He’s tracked, pulled over, and arrested.

Carson fully confesses to both fatal shootings, agreeing about the determined playout of the attack. He didn't care he never met “Ashley”, and he revealed the motel gun drop-off. Camera footage reveals Diana was the mastermind, and she's arrested and gives a full confession. Placed in lockup together, Diana reveals herself as “Ashley” and Justin disgusted screams at her about how disturbed he is while she just sits there emotional, failing to find an explanation for herself. Both of them were most likely incarcerated for their crimes.

Known Victims[]

The following was carried out by Justin Carson on Diana Chandler's orders

  • Marvin Hill (shot in the head; the bullet flew out the same wound)
  • Rebecca West (shot in the neck with the stray bullet out of Hill's head)
  • Justin Carson (Proxy Murderer)