Minor Character: Miami
Name Justin Montavo
Gender Male
Family Dave Montavo (father)
Renee Montavo (mother)
City Miami
Occupation Student
Pathology Serial Robber
Modus Operandi Burglary
No. of Victims 50+ robbed
Status Unknown
Portrayed By James Henrie
First Appearance Broken Home

Justin Montavo is a teenage kleptomaniac and a prolific serial robber appearing in Broken Home in CSI:Miami.


Justin Montavo is the only son of socialites Dave and Renee Montavo, who's babysat by a teenager named Heather Crowley. He was also responsible for dozens of thefts from houses in his neighborhood, likely stemming from distance he felt from his parents. He's seen at the beginning of the episode playing a "babysitter and man upstairs" scare prank on Crowley, then gets shocked when she cusses, which quickly turns into the discovery of her parents being found dead from murder. He gives his statement, but doesn't have much information to give in the murders other than Mike Lasker, a cancer doctor, tried to break into the home, this after his parents were sedated with GHB so they couldn't intervene. However, not only did Lasker flee seeing Justin, but his stash of stolen items is found in an air vent in the floor in his home's foyer. One of those items is an anklet Lasker stole from Lucille Clarke, an ex-patient and serial killer victim of Lasker, the reason why he tried to break in, this leading to his eventual arrest once there's enough evidence. Amidst all the other investigations, the stolen items are traced back to him. Horatio Caine confronts Justin, at first sternly to clarify what he did was wrong, but when seeing he's scared to admit his guilt, Caine gets more sympathetic and asks him for his help, for maybe he knows more info about the murders than even he might think. He then reveals Zach Griffith, Crowley's boyfriend, was there that night while Crowley was babysitting, Justin hating him when he was around. This later proved to be crucial in the case, as Griffith killed Crowley's father, Crowley having killed her mother right after. It's unknown if Justin was incarcerated, never charged, or was sentenced to a lighter sentence, like counseling, community service, or his parents paying fines, but given the nature of his crimes and his age, incarceration is the least believable.

Known Victims[]

  • Over 50 homes robbed
  • Mike Lasker (stole an anklet he had, which in turn was stolen from murder victim Lucille Clarke)