Minor Character: Las Vegas
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Name Kaitlyn Russell
Gender Female
Family Maya Russell (mother)
D.B. Russell (grandfather)
Barbara Russell (grandmother)
Charlie Russell (uncle)
City Las Vegas
Status Alive
Portrayed By Mia Hays
First Appearance Homecoming

Kaitlyn Russell is the granddaughter of D.B. Russell and Barbara Russell in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Season Twelve[]


She is seen at the beginning of the episode begging her grandfather, D.B. Russell, to read her a bedtime story before he leaves to go to the Sheriff's celebration evening.

After D.B. Russell plays a role in the death of David Winnock, the son of the incarcerated gangster and ex-undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen, due to David attempting to kill Conrad Ecklie. As a form of revenge, McKeen orders his men on the outside of prison to kidnap Kaitlyn, they do so successfully as the episode draws to a close.

Season Thirteen[]

Karma to Burn[]

Kaitlyn's kidnapper turns out to be Paul Kimball, one of McKeen's inside men on the force. She later escapes with Finlay's help, but is caught by Kimball again, who takes her to his farmyard, provides her some clothes and some food before having her hide in a compartment, but had cut her hand. Her grandfather discovered the blood and brought her home.

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