Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Karen Chevera
Trevor Raymond
Gender Female (Chevera)
Male (Raymond)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Psychic Medium (Chevera)
Magician's Assistant (Raymond)
Pathology Budding Serial Killers
Modus Operandi Stabbing
Jewelry Theft
No. of Victims 2 killed
1 abducted
1 robbed
I framed
Status Both Deceased
Portrayed By Rachel Roberts (Chevera)
Anderson Davis (Raymond)
First Appearance CSI Unplugged

Karen Chevera and Trevor Raymond are a psychotic duo of ransom abductors and budding serial killers appearing in CSI Unplugged in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Chevera and Raymond worked together to offer a medium service to "contact' dead people for the sakes of their customers. TC Riordan and his biological and in-law families, along with his son's babysitter Shelby Buress once, attended Chevera's séances on behalf of Riordan's late wife, Natalie, whom he was suspected of killing years ago in their last house's swimming pool particularly harassed by Natalie's grieving mother, Patricia Lydecker. In reality, the tragedy of Natalie's death is the two had a fight over the edge of the pool, Natalie close to wanting a divorce so badly she threw her wedding band into the water. When she went back to get it, albeit drunk, she couldn't keep herself afloat and as a result, she drowned while wearing her ring once again. The Riordan's and Natalie's family, as well as their mutual friends, never recovered from the loss, especially not their young son, Harper. Chevera and Raymond were hired to figure out Natalie's death, and in a "message" from Natalie, Chevera told the whole story of Natalie's death, which she somehow surmised and used to bring the families back together and close the dread and trauma of Natalie's death. However, Chevera was severely mentally ill, which coincidentally was amplified into a full culmination from Natalie's séance, Chevera starting to assume herself as "Natalie". In the session Buress attended, Chevera "sensed" TC and Buress, merely by her own delusions, "were having an affair". To avenge Natalie reincarnated into Chevera, fully enthralled by her psychosis, planned a revenge against the families, recruiting Raymond as part of her plan. She would not only try to destroy Riordan's life and that of his loved ones, endangering them in the process, but she intended to recreate the events that led to Natalie's drowning.

CSI Unplugged[]

The night of a power outage from a thunderstorm, Chevera breaks into Harper's bedroom after Buress tucks him into bed, taking a dagger she used in her séances and stabs Buress to death, four times at every angle of her chest. Bringing Raymond into the fold, she has him help her kidnap Harper (drugging him with ketamine to sedate him and make him easier to kidnap), wrap the now dead Buress in a blanket, and leave Buress at the back of the house before running off with Harper, intent on using the staging to frame TC for the crimes. The CSIs are called in with nothing more than the spatter of Buress' blood in Harper's bedroom and traced of the ketamine in Harper's systems, but tracing her blood drops and possible escape routes outside, they find her corpse in the sheet. With a ransom note pinned to her, written in her blood: "WE HAVE HARPER". TC's originally brought into question again, since there's no ransom demand at the time. Chevera, in her psychosis, relays the séance when she's questioned, ominously hinting toward TC, "her husband", as "having some sort of guilt", which is the "affair" she made up in her delusions. TC is less suspected, thankfully, from a ransom demand over the phone: a delivery of Natalie's entire jewelry collection, and if refused, Harper dies, but if accepted, harper's returned safely. The CSIs set up the sting at the parking garage for the drop off. However, it goes unplanned, and the jewelry's picked up, but the vehicle gets away. It's found later, with Raymond in the front seat, and the case with the jewelry left behind. All except for Natalie's wedding ring, which Chevera stole. Identifying Raymond and finding the wire transfer Chevera exchanged with him as payment for his conspiracy reveals the connection to Chevera, revealing her as the mastermind kidnapper and killer. They broke into her home and found various photos of the couple, several of Natalie's belongings, and even medical prescriptions for Harper that were taken with the duo during the kidnapping. Harper's almost immediately found scared but in one piece in Chevera's closet by Nick Stokes and Sara Sidle. D.B. Russell finds Chevera herself-dead, drowned in a suicide in the Riordan's home pool wearing Natalie's wedding ring to recreate her tragic accident. Harper's soon after reunited with his family, and the team discusses the motives for the crimes as they figured them out to officially close the case.

Modus Operandi[]

Chevera targeted the Riordan family after assuming the alternate personality of TC's late wife and harper' late mother, Natalie. Chevera as "Natalie" snuck into Harper's bedroom and stabbed to death Shelby Buress, Harper's babysitter and TC's alleged "mistress", Raymond close behind her, drugging Harper with ketamine to sedate him for easier kidnapping, leaving Buress' corpse rolled up in a blanket behind the new Riordan house to frame TC for the crimes. This was only short lived once immediately finding Buress with "WE HAVE HARPER" in a note written in her blood. Chevera bought herself time and fed her insane psychosis by directing her delusions at TC in subtle accusations while she was questioned. She then sent a ransom demand for all of Natalie's jewelry, simply so she could take her wedding ring. she narrowly got it, with Raymond's vehicle being followed, leaving the remaining jewelry behind and shooting Raymond dead to protect herself. She kept harper in a closet in her home and eventually killed herself by drowning in the same pool Natalie did, wearing her dress and wedding ring. She also stalked the Riordan's for a while before the kidnapping, taking pictures and stealing Natalie's belongings to live like her, even taking Harper's medicine when kidnapping him to not endanger his life too soon and to further feed Chevera's alternate personality.

Known Victims[]

  • Shelby Buress (stabbed four times in each corner of her chest with a dagger; rolled in a blanket and left behind the Riordan house postmortem, with "WE HAVE HARPER" written in her blood)
  • TC Riordan (briefly framed for Buress' murder and Harper's kidnapping; later robbed of Natalie's jewelry; previously stalked and stole Natalie's belongings, but all were returned)
  • Harper Riordan (drugged with ketamine, kidnapped, and locked in a closet, nearly endangering his life; was rescued; also stalked beforehand and briefly stole his medicine)
  • Trevor Raymond (shot dead)