Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Kate Armstrong and Julia Eastman
Gender Female (both)
City Las Vegas
Occupation School headmistress (Armstrong)
Instructor (Eastman)
Pathology Murderer (Armstrong)
Assailant (Eastman)
Conspirators (both)
Modus Operandi Blunt force trauma
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Amy Carlson (Armstrong)
Elena Lyons (Eastman)
First Appearance Friends & Lovers

Kate Armstrong and Julia Eastman are two staff members at the Verbum Dei Charter School and the killers of Dean Vernon Woods.

Season One[]

Friends & Lovers[]

Kate, the school's founder, and Julia, a faculty member there, were in a relationship together and Vernon extorted them to keep it a secret. When Kate decided to stop paying, Vernon threatened to start a rumor that he caught them having sex on school grounds. When Vernon was picking up a phone to spread the gossip, Kate hit Vernon with a brick in his head. As Julia held him down, Kate continued to beat Vernon to death. While Julia fled, Kate called the cops, alleging self-defense and that Vernon was sexually harassing her, trying to fight him off when he made another aggressive pass.

The detectives investigated the forensic evidence and immediately questioned Kate's account. She obviously left blanks when saying she hit Vernon once, despite it being obvious Vernon's head wounds were three in total. Kate changed her story, so the detectives followed through with confirming the evidence. The blood spatter revealed Kate's next lie, which was Julia wasn't where a void in the spatter was, which indicated she was also in the room. Kate conceded and admitted Julia was there, but as a witness in case of the next "advance".

Julia says she stood in the doorway, but it doesn't fit the evidence, because she held down Vernon, who was twice her size. Julia evaded more questioning, so the team went back to the blood. Julia told the team her bloody clothes were burned because the stains wouldn't come out, but Vernon's clothes revealed a hand shape with a larger finger. Realizing a medical bandage was on the finger, Julia admits she sprained her pinky when she couldn't make a fist with her hand, which revealed the shape was from her splint. The financial payout records case Kate to cave and reveal the affair. She admits they killed Vernon spontaneously because he threatened the rumor after they were both planning to come out and start openly dating, not wanting to lose the school just because Vernon wanted the ultimate narrative. Both women were arrested and incarcerated for second-degree murder.

Known Victims[]

  • November 3, 2000:
    • Vernon Woods (struck in the head with a brick by Kate; held down by Julia and bludgeoned two more times in the head by Kate)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Julia Eastman (incarcerated)


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  • Armstrong appears to be inspired by real life headmaster and murderer Jean Harris.