Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Kelly Goodson
Gender Female
City Las Vegas
Occupation Exotic dancer
Pathology Budding Serial Killer
Attempted Proxy Murderer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 2 killed
1 attempted by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Cyia Batten
First Appearance A Night at the Movies

Kelly Goodson is a budding serial killer appearing in A Night at the Movies in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Kelly Goodson worked at an exotic dancer at the Sphere Hotel. She was also either sexually harassed or assaulted by the club manager, Anthony Haines, at which she later filed a lawsuit while represented by Langer & Langer, a law firm Audrey Hilden was consulting with as well. She met Goodson because she was sexually assaulted by Gus Sugarman, a dentist she went to having put her under anesthesia to take advantage of her, and hearing their similar actions taken, they formed a sort of informal alliance. Based off Strangers on a Train, the two formed a pact where they'd kill the sexual felon having attacked and harassed the other woman, making the murders barely traceable to them. Unfortunately for Goodson, Hilden never planned to go through with her end of the deal. Thus when Goodson stabbed Sugarman to death during a Hitchcock movie playing in a theater in her signature costume, she was horrified to hear Hilden admit the truth. Snapping and to tie loose ends, Goodson strangled Hilden to death, before hanging her off her stair railing and leaving the gold necklace from Sugarman Goodson stole as proof to incriminate Hilden. The CSIs soon found her from a note she gave to Hilden leading her to her place of work. They found her backstage with a law firm card and a red wig, like she wore when she killed Sugarman. But the ultimate clinch came from lab tests showing specialized muscle cream, the same cream she was applying in the dressing room, which she was confronted with interrogation. With the evidence against her, she was arrested and incarcerated for the murders and conspiracy.

Modus Operandi[]

Goodson collaborated with Hilden to target the two men responsible for sexually harassing and assaulting them, each killing the attacker of the other woman to try to make the murders untraceable. She killed Sugarman in her wig and gloves by covering his mouth and stabbing his neck with a screwdriver, leaving the weapon and throwing the gloves in a nearby trash as she walked out of the theater the murder happened in. She hoped Hilden would kill Haines for her as part of their shared deal, but when she refused in the end, Goodson choked her to death with an extension cord, before hanging her from her stairway to make it look like she killed herself. She also stole Sugarman's gold necklace as proof, leaving it at Hilden's murder scene to frame her and throw off suspicion again.

Known Victims[]

  • Gus Sugarman (stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver; stole his necklace postmortem)
  • Anthony Haines (attempted to have Audrey Hilden kill him, but she changed her mind)
  • Audrey Hilden (strangled with an extension cord; hanged from her stairway postmortem and left Gus Sugarman's necklace under her)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Audrey Hilden (hired to murder Gus Sugarman; deceased)


CSI:Crime Scene Investigation


  • As noted in the movie, the murders are passionately ripped from the central "murder swap" theme of Strangers on a Train.