Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Kelly Gordon
Gender Female
Family Walter Gordon (father; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Botanist (former)
Pathology Murderer

Alleged accessory to murder

Modus Operandi Ramming with a car
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Aimee Graham
First Appearance Grave Danger, Part 2

Kelly Gordon was the daughter of Walter Gordon, a criminal who abducted Nick Stokes and buried him alive in Grave Danger.


Kelly worked as a botanist. A few years prior to Grave Danger, she and her "boyfriend" went to the house of a friend of his, who was shot. Even though Kelly had been unaware that her friend had gone there to commit murder and she had fled from the scene in panic, she was incarcerated as an accessory to murder when one of her fingerprints was found on a styrofoam cup she dropped while running. Prison life did not agree with her; She was frequently abused and pimped by her cellmate.

Season Five[]

Grave Danger[]

Her father, Walter, decided to take revenge on the LVPD for putting his daughter in jail and abducted Nick Stokes and buried him alive, demanding a million dollars for his location. Though he killed himself when Grissom arrived with the money, the CSIs were able to locate Nick in time to save him. He visited Kelly in prison afterwards, telling her not to "take it with her".

Season Six[]

Still Life[]

Kelly was later paroled by the parole board and she visited Nick at the lab.

Daddy's Little Girl[]

After this she later became a murder suspect when her father's lawyer (and accomplice in the kidnapping), Sylvia Mullins, was murdered. Though the CCTV footage wasn't clear enough to see her face, it did get a good shot of her hand; while she was in prison, her cellmate had made a tattoo of a flower in the palm and it was clearly visible in the recording. When the LVPD arrived at Kelly's residence, it is revealed that the money request for Stokes survival was Sylvia's idea and when he blew up the money she took the money out of Kelly's trust fund to replace it. She confessed to killing the lawyer before succumbing to a prescriptive drug overdose, taken as suicide earlier.

Known Victims[]

  • Sylvia Mullins


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