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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Ken Wallace
Gender Male
Family Unnamed wife
Jared Wallace (son)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Serial Rapist
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Christopher Cousins
First Appearance Helpless

Ken Wallace is a serial rapist who appeared in Season Fourteen of CSI.


Ken Wallace has a son named Jared Wallace who dated a girl named Amy Morse. Ken started to have a perverse infatuation towards her, even after Amy dumped Jared. Wallace started making plans to rape Amy in her home to "get it right", in his words. He raped two women before her for "practice", and then he finally raped Amy. Originally, Jared was suspected due to harassing Amy beforehand after their split, but a grey hair in Ken's secret hideout proved his culpability, and he proudly confessed to his crimes to Brass in interrogation.

Modus Operandi[]

Wallace targeted two women who resemble Amy Morse before attacking her. Attacking them in their homes, he would sneak in through their bedroom windows and chloroform them into unconsciousness, raping them before they woke up. His signature would be turning on their TVs before leaving, except for Amy Morse, whose TV was already on since she watches it every night before going to sleep.

Known Victims[]

  • Terry Pascal
  • Donna Grace
  • Amy Morse