Minor Character: Miami
Kevin Weaver
Name Kevin Weaver
Alias Multiple internet usernames
Gender Male
Family Cassie Weaver (daughter; deceased)
City Miami
Pathology Vigilante
Status Alive
Portrayed By George Newbern
First Appearance To Kill a Predator

Kevin Weaver is a suspect in a series of pedophile vigilante killings appearing in To Kill a Predator in CSI:Miami.


Weaver lost his daughter, Cassie, to a pedophile responsible for luring her away in a chat room, only to kill her soon after. Ever since them, Weaver's been dedicating himself to chasing predators away from children and sharing his tragedy to children to inspire them to keep safe. When two predators, part of The Expose Pedophiles, a show luring and outing predators to result in shaming and arrests, are killed, and when Expose reveals the chats Weaver put up to scare predators off, he's at first a suspect, being brought into custody when Frank Tripp stops him and finds a firearm in his possession, since one of the predators was shot. Weaver denies being a predator or a murderer, barely acknowledging the chat rooms to the extent he tries to fight them then stonewall the team's suspicion of him. When a reforming pedophile having had a confrontation with one of the dead predators leads the team to a park meeting that isn't from a predator he recognizes, they go and don't find the girl wanting to arrive there, but they do fine Weaver, who tries to run, but is tackled and restrained by the team and responders. Horatio Caine confronts him on the meeting, thus Weaver caves and tells him to check the binder in his backpack. it reveals Cassie's life and murder, Weaver elaborating that portfolio to try and say why he does what he does. Caine then accuses him of the murders, which he vehemently denies, saying if he's a parent, he'd understand all he cares about is that children aren't victims like his daughter ended up. The signature attire of the girl in the meet is found: a pink hat, with a hair tracing it back to Hannah Radley, who also fights pedophiles by confronting in meetings with attacks. She's revealed to be one of the murderers, as the first victim, Sean Radley, was her father, which shocked Hannah severely. Deborah Radley is the other murderer, having killed a random pedophile for the sake of her daughter not being suspected. As for Weaver, it's presumed despite the unprecedented civilian effort he put in as a vigilante, he's never charged as he never committed the severe felonies the episode is centered around.