Minor Character: New York
Kim Barnett
Name Kim Barnett
Gender Female
Family Unidentified grandmother
City New York
Occupation Crime Lab Tech
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 framed
Status Incarcerated/Institutionalized
Portrayed By Spencer Grammer
First Appearance Flash Pop

"It's weird. Harlan's right. You kind of look like her."

Kim Barnett was an NYPD lab tech and the killer of colleague Jessica Davis, appearing in Flash Pop in CSI:New York.


"I was smarter than Jessica! I had been here longer. I had done more work. I could see what was going to happen. Even you were captivated by her! Everyone would just...fall in love with those eyes. And suddenly, it was as if no one else existed. She knew what she was doing! But, but I had changed my mind, I... I wasn't gonna do it. I left that at home, forgot about the plan. And then...and then it was there. It was like a message."

Barnett had a grandmother who worked in the secretary's pool in New York's police department, inspiring Barnett to work in criminology in the same department, which she wrote in her job application. One case that happened and was never solve around the time her grandmother was still working is the murder of Lana Gregory. As an uncanny coincidence another one of her colleagues, Jessica Davis, had different-colored eyes very similar to Gregory, which lead her to be called Lana by another lab tech who started to have feelings for her, Harlan Porter. As Davis showed herself around and socialized more with her colleagues modestly, Barnett grew both jealous and repulsed, thinking she "schmoozed" her way around the office. When Davis was up for getting a promotion Barnett really wanted, Barnett was regularly envisioning ideas of killing her and staging her based of the Gregory's murder immaculately, using her forensic knowledge to cover her tracks. She even cased the scene and bought supplies as her plans grew more tantalizing, checking the murder weapon out of evidence under Porter's name to frame him. But eventually, she decided she was driving herself too far and scolded herself for resorting to copycat murder in her mind. She decided to befriend Davis instead, even having her engage and party in life as much as she had her step out of her comfort zone, which Porter saw as a bad influence on her, from his own gut feelings and his affection to Davis. One night, the two went with Porter to a bar for a night of drinking where he pulled Davis off a table she was dancing in wasted, gripping her too hard unintentionally and leaving bruises on her wrists. Barnett, also tipsy, bumped into someone and knocked a drink out of their grip, but when she tried to help clean up the mess, she was entranced by a sharp wine stem she picked up from the floor. Triggering a semi-psychotic break in her, she found it a "message" to go through with her plans again, deciding that shard of glass to be the weapon she used. When Porter went home on a train, she had Davis go back to the crime scene herself with her. After remarking she looks like Gregory, Barnett immediately stabs her to death in the same fashion. She them poses her body, stages the evidence, and cleans up the scene before leaving, not accounting for her shoe prints for when she cased the scene well before when she first thought of her plans. With a photo she took with a burner phone she bought in cash, she sent a picture of a dead Davis looking so similar to Gregory's photo to Mac Taylor and Jo Danville as a taunt and a challenge, still caught up in her mania. Once she's done, she puts up the act of "the mourning best friend", regularly incriminating Porter with verbal suggestion based off gossip in the lab, assuming his romantic feelings, and setting up the fake evidence in his name. Unfortunately for her, when it's revealed he couldn't have done it and the killer must've been a woman, the trace leads back to her, from her history to the measures to took in her crimes. She still denies it and accuses Porter out of shock, saying she wasn't jealous of their relationship, but then with enough prodding off the true motive, jealousy of her popularity and chances, Barnett finally snaps, brags about herself and insults Davis, assuming she put in less work and had less skill. She admits about putting aside the ideas, then them resurfacing and eventually culminating into the modern-day murder and replication. She simply said it was easy to put it behind her, which makes Danville scoff and leave, but Taylor says the guilt will be a nightmare of her to live with even if her crimes were natural to her. Given her mental state, she was either incarcerated or institutionalized after.

Modus Operandi[]

"I told Jessica that the old Lana Gregory place was empty...that we should go check out the crime scene. It was so easy after that."

Barnett targeted Jessica Davis, planning to commit and stage her murder based off that of Lana Gregory, whom she resembled in some appearance traits. When she was set off by the broken wine glass stem, she had Davis go with her to the doorstep of the crime scene, where she proceeded to stab her with the shard with the near exact wounds Gregory had, leaving the weapon inside Davis' abdomen like with Gregory. She was then posed, her shoe and wallet were taken and left in a nearby dumpster, and her lips were even painted with Stormy Red lipstick, the same shade on Gregory when she was killed. Her knowledge in forensics helped her cover her tracks, all but shoeprints she left at the crime scene, but she signed out the original murder weapon under the name of Harlan Porter, a colleague who was attracted to her, to frame him.

Known Victims[]

  • Jessica Davis (stabbed three times in her abdomen with a broken wine glass stem; posed and staged her like Lana Gregory postmortem)
  • Harlan Porter (framed for her Davis' murder)