Minor Character: Miami
Name Kim Burton
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Matchmaker
Pathology Accessory to rape
No. of Victims 1 raped by proxy
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Natashia Williams
First Appearance Killer Date

Kim Burton is a murder victim later revealed to be an accessory to rape, appearing in the CSI:Miami episode Killer Date.


Kim Burton was one of two women, along with Noelle, running the Wing Chicks matchmaking service. Under the guise of them being "friends", the women who find men wanting to pick up and introduce them at clubs to other women. Gabrielle Marinelli was one customer, arranged with Scott Brown. Marinelli was irrecoverably raped by Brown when she got back to her car, the prosecutor throwing out the case because of it being a date rape and with the precursor of Wing Chicks.

Martinelli went back to confront Burton, only to see her matching another man and woman. She demanded answers from Burton and asked her if she cares about the safety of their customers. Burton laughed off the inquiry and rebuffed any concern in the service. Wanting to stop Burton from hurting more women, Martinelli smothered her to death with a pillow.