Minor Character: Miami
Name Kimberely Crowley
Gender Female
Family Edward Crowley (husband; deceased)
Heather Crowley (daughter; incarcerated)
City Miami
Pathology Pedophile
Statutory Rapist
Modus Operandi Statutory Rape
No. of Victims 1 statutorily raped at least
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Larisa Miller
First Appearance Broken Home

Kimberly Crowley is a pedophile and rapist, statutory at least, appearing in Broken Home in CSI:Miami.


Kimberly was married to a man named Edward and had a daughter with him named Heather. Heather, when she grew into a teenager, dated a boy named Zach Griffith, but the relationship would start to secretly turn south when Kimberly started to be illicitly infatuated with the younger, adolescent Griffith. Either by seduction or sexual assault, the two started sexual relations Heather never knew about. Edward, on the other hand, knew about it eventually once he found a card with a love letter the two exchanged between each other. Blaming Griffith, he confronted the teen while with Heather when Heather was babysitting Justin Montavo, a higher-class child and secret kleptomaniac. When Edward told Griffith to stay away and Griffith didn't care or own up to the exchanges, Edward lunged, resulting in Griffith beating him with a motorcycle helmet and nearly killing him. Kimberly, running up behind and assuming Edward died, reveals what happened, but is excited the Edward's clinging to life, hoping to keep the relationship going. Heather, having seen the entire confrontation and revelation from the start, approaches horrified, gardening fork in hand, and demands answers. Kimberly starts by saying she's sorry, but Heather cuts her off in disbelieving screams, before shouting to keep away from Griffith and stabbing her neck with the fork, Kimberly dropping and bleeding to death almost instantly and her blood splattering Heather's dress. The two teens swear to not say a word about their involvement, but eventually, once the Crowleys are found, especially when Edward stumbles through the front door and finally dies, the teens are ousted, caught, and arrested and incarcerated for the killings.

Known Victims[]

  • Zach Griffith (seduced and/or raped, then had pedophilic sexual exchanges with him)