King Baby
Season 5
Number 15
Writer Jerry Stahl
Director Richard J. Lewis
Original Airdate February 17, 2005
Previous Episode: Unbearable
Next Episode: Big Middle

King Baby is the fifteenth episode in Season Five of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When Grissom and Catherine's teams work together to investigate the death of a famous casino owner, their investigation leads them to the bizarre world of infantilism.


Victim: Bruce Eiger (deceased)

On the case: Entire team

Casino mogul Bruce Eiger is seen running through the second floor of his mansion and looking distressed. He's next seen dead on the front steps with a lot of blood on his face. Grissom and Ecklie arrive on the scene, where Catherine is already taking photographs. Ecklie tells her that because this is a high-profile case, it's all hands on deck. Because he's the senior supervisor, Grissom is put in charge, which doesn't exactly please Catherine. Brass tells them that there was no sign of forced entry, the alarm was off, and nothing appears to be missing. Crouched over the body, Warrick tells Grissom that Bruce had severe facial injuries, including a broken nose and cracked teeth; however, there's no sign of shoe prints or a murder weapon. Grissom looks up at the second floor balcony and guesses that Bruce came from there.

Catherine guesses that Bruce either jumped, fell or was pushed. Grissom observes that the facial impact of the fall is inconsistent with the position of the body. The paramedics diagnosed Bruce with a broken neck, so he didn't roll himself over. Inside the house, Brass talks to Bruce's wife, Donna. She admits coming home and finding Bruce dead and naked. Knowing that the press would be coming soon, she put shorts on the body and turned the body over when doing so.

Grissom walks through the garage, which is full of luxury cars. He feels the hoods of each of them to see what car Donna was driving. Greg and Sara arrive on the scene, and Grissom asks them what they would do if they came home and saw their spouse dead in the driveway. Sara's guess is that one would immediately stop and run over; however, it appears that Donna pulled into the garage, parked and locked her car. By the front steps, Catherine finds a tiny piece of fecal matter and confirms that the Eigers didn't have any pets or children. Nick yells down to her from the balcony and says that he found the launch point; Catherine puts her camera down and goes to join him. Meanwhile, Sara finds a fresh oil leak in the driveway and notes that rich people like the Eigers don't get oil leaks. Grissom has her swab the leak and check the cars in the garage.

Up on the balcony, Nick shows Catherine a broken planter. There are handprints on the railing, and Warrick notes that Bruce didn't have any trace on his hands, so the prints may belong to the killer. They walk back through the house and see no signs of a struggle. In the spacious study, they find a half-smoked Cuban cigar and a glass containing scotch and milk. There are greasy handprints on the floor that seem similar to the ones found on the balcony railing. A flashback shows Bruce enjoying a cigar when he was interrupted by an intruder. He was knocked to the ground and struggled there on all fours.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins tells Grissom and Sofia everything that he's uncovered. Bruce had suffered repeated insertions into his rectum and had a rash around his genitals slathered in ointment. There was also matching perimortem bruising on his hips and some fecal matter on his feet. A gallon of milky fluid was found in Bruce's stomach and he had nicely manicured nails except for one thumb, which has a groove worn on it. His pupils were also heavily dilated. Doc Robbins says that the cause of death is asphyxia caused by choking on blood. Bruce survived the fall, but broke his neck; Grissom wonders if Bruce would've lived if the body hadn't been rolled. After Grissom and Sofia leave autopsy, Catherine walks up ready to go. Grissom tells her that they're all finished, and an irate Catherine wonders if she's going to be part of the case.

Catherine goes back to her office and plugs her camera into the computer. The camera display says that the memory card contains no images. She removes the card to find that it's a 32 MB card. Warrick walks in, and a flustered Catherine tells him that someone swapped out her 256 MB card for a 32 MB. Someone stole the card and took her crime scene photos.

Ecklie tells Grissom a story about Bruce—when Bruce tried to buy the Queen Regent Casino out from under Sy Magli, the gaming commission turned him down. Later on, after a night of partying at his mansion, Bruce got his gaming and liquor licenses. Anyone at the party could have motive for murder; however, it's unknown whether Bruce had dirt on everyone or whether he was just bluffing. Greg tells them that Bruce's phone records indicate that he was calling Sy numerous times between the hours of 12 AM and 4 AM, or what Greg likes to call the "love hours." Greg and Brass question Sy at his casino. Sy tells them that the last time he saw Bruce was at Bruce's big birthday bash. He says Bruce had no friends, so he invited his enemies to parties; there, he would gather information on them and store them away for a later use. Greg asks him about the late night phone calls and Sy admits to having sex with Bruce's wife, Donna.

Catherine tells Grissom about the missing memory card. He wonders how that could've happened, since the crime scene was secure. She tells him that she dusted the camera and memory card for prints; however, none were found. All of the crime scene photos of the body and blood evidence were on the card. Unfortunately, Ecklie has heard this conversation. Grissom orders her to head back to the crime scene immediately to see if she can get more photos or evidence.

David Hodges tells Nick that the rash found on Bruce was diaper rash and that the ointment collected was used for that purpose. The handprints from the railing and floor tested positive for the same ointment, but Nick says that the prints aren't the same size as Bruce's. This means that someone rubbed the ointment on Bruce. Bruce's stomach contents came back as all milk and there were no drugs in his bloodstream.

Catherine rushes to Bruce's house and interrupts Donna while she's spraying off the blood with a hose. While Catherine prepares to take additional photos, Donna gets a call from Sy ending their relationship. Catherine tries to sympathize with Donna but gets rebuffed. Outside of the residence, she finds rolled up carpets and some plastic bags in the trash bins.

The bins are taken to the lab, where Catherine tells Warrick that they were empty the night of Bruce's death. While Warrick unrolls the carpets, Catherine finds an oversized diaper with a safety pin attached to it. Warrick guesses that the safety pin could've caused the bruises around Bruce's hips. There's blood on the diaper and urine inside of it. Catherine also finds a pair of women's heels in the bag that are covered in blood. Meanwhile, Warrick finds evidence of handprints and feces on the carpet. There are indentations in the carpet, and Catherine says it will have to be brought back to the house and looked at it in its original context.

The carpet is brought back to the house and placed on the floor of the study. Grissom notes a handprint half-covered by a wall, and Catherine wonders if the rug is even from the room; however, Warrick tells her that the eight divots in it line up with the desk. Upon kneeling next to the wall, Grissom sees something and slides a portion of it open, revealing a hidden passageway. Catherine, Grissom and Warrick follow the passageway and find that it leads to a nursery full of oversized baby items.

Nick joins them in the nursery and finds a pink nursing gown with holes cut out around the breasts. Catherine photographs adult-sized pacifiers, while Grissom finds a drawer of enema bottles, which seems to explain the insertions into Bruce's rectum. In the closet, Warrick finds a security panel and guesses that the room used to serve as a panic room. The security system is motion and sight sensitive; however, there's no video. He offers to bring the system's hard drive back to the lab, then wonders where one would buy things like an adult-sized crib and rocking horse. Grissom finds a white trash bag from Forever Baby, whose slogan is "For the child in all of us." Catherine finds several bottles of milk in the nearby refrigerator.

Mia Dickerson tells Catherine that the blood found on the diaper was Bruce's and that the urine had high level of testosterone, which is indicative of an adult. She also mentions that, when running the urine, she found another spike and sent it to Tox. Catherine notes that Bruce's bloodwork came back clean, but is told that some drugs metabolize quickly and show up in the urine instead of the blood. Greg interrupts them and leads Catherine to the television, where her crime scene photos are being broadcast on the news. Catherine confirms that those are her photos and Ecklie, with an air of surprising calmness, tells her that they'll get a warrant for the memory card, any copies, and the name of the source.

Grissom and Nick pay a visit to Forever Baby, where one of the saleswomen explains the adult baby phenomenon to Grissom. She insists that nothing there is illegal or erotic; it's just nurturing. Meanwhile, Catherine and Brass question Foxy Harris, the journalist who stole Catherine's camera and memory card. Brass accuses him of swapping out the memory card in order to delete evidence implicating him in murder, but Foxy denies this. When asked why he was at the Eiger residence, he admits to working for Sy Magli and taking photos of him sleeping with Donna. He explains that Sy tried to dig up dirt on Bruce, but he couldn't find any. So, in the absence of scandal, Sy created one by sleeping with Donna, and Foxy took the photos.

Mia tells Warrick that all of the milk taken from the nursery refrigerator was human. The DNA doesn't match Donna; however, it does match whoever wore the pink nursing gown found in the nursery. Meanwhile, Nick and Sara process Bruce's toy box. Nick notes that the one in the store was twice as big on the inside as the one they have in their possession. Thinking that Bruce liked his secret spaces, they unscrew the front of the toy box to reveal a built-in shelf. The shelf contains files on a lot of high-powered people in Vegas, including Sy, Sam Braun and Sheriff Rory Atwater. There's also a picture of a baby in a crib; it doesn't have a name on it, just a date—12/20/01.

Greg and Warrick look over the hard drive from the security system. The system logs each time a door or window to the house is opened. They confirm Donna's story that she left the house at 7:15 PM. The front door opened at 8:00; they figure it was the milkmaid. At 10:09 PM, the balcony doors opened; a flashback shows Bruce running towards the doors in his diaper. Four minutes later, the front door opens again, possibly from the milkmaid leaving. The garage door opened at 10:30, followed by the front door opening one minute later. Greg notes that Donna didn't call 911 until 11:42, meaning she waited over an hour to do so after finding her husband's body.

Catherine and Grissom look over the photos of Bruce's body at the crime scene. There are two unexplained voids in the blood spatter, which Catherine guesses are from Donna's shoes that she recovered from the trash bin. Grissom asks if Donna could've been rendering aid, but Catherine says the blood looks like a fine mist. They conclude that Bruce was still expectorating blood as Donna stood over him watching him die.

Donna is brought in for questioning, and she admits to coming home and finding Bruce lying on the concrete. Instead of rendering aid, she ridiculed him as he choked to death on his own blood. Donna tells Grissom and Brass that she knew Bruce had a broken neck; if he had lived, he would've been a quadriplegic. Suddenly, Grissom gets it. He surmises that if Bruce survived, Donna would've had to take care of him; this included changing his diapers. She tells them that her and Bruce made an arrangement—she would go to the club to play canasta every Thursday night, while he would hire a babysitter. However, she doesn't know who the babysitter is. When she got home and found Bruce, she got rid of the diaper, changed her clothes and rolled up the carpets to remove the evidence. She's insistent Bruce wasn't suicidal and encourages the police to find his killer—whom she'll reward with a "big, fat check."

Catherine informs Grissom that the unknown spike in Bruce's urine came back as LSD. She wonders why it wouldn't show up in the bloodstream, and Grissom tells her that LSD is in and out of the system in 20 minutes; however, it acts as a trigger and causes trips that last hours. Meanwhile, Sara and Sofia have determined that there are two sets of prints recovered from the baby paraphernalia—Bruce's and, presumably, the babysitter's. Sara wonders that in order to "babysit" Bruce once per week, the babysitter had to be getting something good in return. She says that he motor oil found in the driveway was synthetic and that this oil in particular is used for Lamborghinis. They guess that either Bruce paid well or he was a good gift giver.

Hodges tells Catherine and Grissom that Bruce took the LSD through the one of the enemas. Catherine guesses that whoever supplied the LSD was the same person who was supplying the breast milk. Meanwhile, Brass learns from the Lamborghini dealership that Sy Magli bought one recently. When questioned by Brass in his casino, Sy says that the car was a gift for Tanya Rollins, a young lounge singer at his hotel. He tells Brass that Bruce and Tanya were involved and that Bruce bankrolled her career. However, Sy poached her from Bruce when he found out she was making him a lot of money. Sy denies killing Bruce, saying that there's no sport in humiliating a dead man.

Tanya's fingerprints are all over the nursery and the milk from the refrigerator is a match to her DNA. Furthermore, the arresting officer found LSD in her purse. A flashback shows Tanya taking care of Bruce, changing his diaper and singing him songs. She then added LSD to his enema bottle, which caused him to have a trip. While on the acid trip, Bruce simply ran to the balcony and jumped off.

Under interrogation, Tanya admits that she and Bruce had a baby together; however, Bruce took it away soon after the delivery and told her that his mother would take care of it. She stayed with Bruce and indulged him because he kept promising her that she would get to see her baby soon. After five years, he still hadn't returned the baby to her. Catherine wonders if Tanya, feeling slighted, encouraged Bruce to jump off the balcony. A flashback shows Tanya encouraging Bruce to "fly like a birdie," culminating in him jumping to his death. She then leaned over the balcony railing and looked down at the body below.

Brass visits Bruce's mother in the hospital, where she denies ever taking care of Tanya's baby. She tells them that her son's fetish may have been caused by his grandmother, who forbade her to breastfeed him to make him tough. Brass later tells Catherine and Grissom that Bruce lied to Tanya about the baby and that there was an out-of-state adoption the day the kid was born. As they sit around a table having drinks, they wonder what charges will be filed against Donna and Tanya. Donna stood there and let her husband die, while Tanya's LSD possession and its cause in Bruce's death is a Class A felony. Grissom says that Bruce had the connections and the cash to go anywhere he wanted; he chose to go all the way back to his childhood.


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Episode Title[]

  • King Baby is a reference to the infantilist fetish of the victim, Bruce Eiger, who also ruled Las Vegas through blackmail. The term comes from "King Baby Syndrome," which is used in Alcoholics Anonymous for someone who displays infantile behavior, and originated in Freud's 1914 paper "On Narcissism" in which he used the phrase "His Majesty, the Baby" to describe an inborn attitude.


  • A Viewer Discretion Advised warning was given with this episode.
  • Grissom goes out for drinks with Catherine and tells her he's missed working with her because of her passion, her tenacity, and her "tush."


  • The surname of Bruce Eiger is an amalgamation of Disney bosses Michael Eisner and Bob Iger. Furthermore, the background about Bruce Eiger blackmailing his rivals and powerful figures into compliance with the threat of having secret files was clearly inspired by legendary FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover. While Hoover was rumored to be secretly cross-dressing, Eiger is revealed to be dressing and roleplaying as an infant. The obvious inspiration is furthered by the physical resemblance Eiger has to Hoover.
  • Wendie Malick played Donna Eiger in this episode. She's an accomplished actress and former fashion model perhaps most recognized for her roles in the shows Just Shoot Me! and Hot in Cleveland.
  • Nan Martin played Bruce Eiger's mother, Daphne. She may be recognizable to some as Mrs. Louder, the owner of Winfred-Louder department store in The Drew Carey Show.

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