Minor Character: New York
Klaus Braun
Name Klaus Braun
Alias Abraham Klein
Gender Male
Family Ernst Braun (father)
Unnamed wife
David Klein (son)
City New York
Pathology Mass Murderer
War Criminal
Modus Operandi Luger
No. of Victims Numerous (Nazi-Germany)
Xander Green
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Edward Asner
John Justice (young)
First Appearance Yahrzeit

"That's him! That's Klaus Braun! His father Ernst was an engineer and helped with the crematoria of Auschwitz! Very efficient! 30 trays, 3 bodies for tray, 90 corpses in ashes at a time." ― Aaron Lesnick

Klaus Braun, aka Abraham Klein, was a Nazi criminal responsible for the Holocaust in Nazi-Germany. He appeared in Season Five of CSI:NY.


He born in Strausberg from Germany and was son of Ernst Braun where he was a member of the SS and an engineer who helped build the Auschiwtz crematorium. Following in his father's footsteps, Braun was a member of the Hitler Youth in 1941 to 1943 where he was assigned to capture the Jews during the Final Solution.

In 1942 in Poland, Braun was a neighbor of Esther Schnitzler along with her family where he would create an ambush against them. Braun pretends that he would help Esther and her family escape to the border, of course he receives a brooch in return. He betrayed Esther and her family by sending them to Auschwitz where they were executed one by one and thrown into the ditch.

In 1945 when World War II ended, Klaus Braun had to hide to avoid being captured for his crimes along with other Nazis. To avoid being discovered, Klaus pretends to be a Jew who survived Auschwitz and tattooed himself on his arm like Lale Sokolov did with the prisoners. Some time later, he fled to the United States under the false name of Abraham, he married an American woman and they both had a son called David Klein. He would take a job as a clockmaker.

Season Five[]


Almost 60 years later, a Neo-Nazi and appraiser for the auction house, Xander Green, knows about Klaus’ past and is blackmailed by Xander into auctioning off the brooch given by Ester which he also knows about. After he was forced to auction off the brooch where it was purchased by Cody King, Braun had to kill Xander with his Luger used in the Hitler Youth with a knife below to protect his secret.

He is first encountered by Detective Mac Taylor under the name Abraham Klein who was mentioned by skinhead Michael Elgers. He appears as a Jewish clockmaker who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp and reports that the brooch belonged to his late wife who was paid for 300,000 dollars and he use that money when his clock shop to closed after 5 years.

Klaus' name was mentioned by Esther’s cousin, Hannah Schnitzler, a Holocaust survivor who was a living witness to the events in Auschwitz.

Klaus Braun was discovered by Taylor and Stella Bonasera when they saw a brooch purchased by Cody King and his youthful portrait was aged.

During the interrogation, Klaus tried to deny that he was not a Nazi until Taylor lost his patience. Klaus reveals his evil personality when he learns that Ben Lesnick and other men from the Israeli embassy are here. But Braun is saddened when his son David is disappointed to learn the truth and arrested for his war crimes.


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  • Ed Asner confesses that it was a shock for him to play Klaus Braun because the actor was a real Jew.[1]