Minor Character: Las Vegas
Kora Sil
Name Kora Sil
Gender Female
Family Park Bang (son; incarcerated/hospitalized)
Sung Bang (brother; deceased)
Unidentified husband (deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Kkangpae Dragons Gangster
Pathology Abuser
Modus Operandi Negligence and Blackmail
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 repeatedly abused
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Jin Yang
First Appearance Say Uncle

Kora Sil is a Korean domestic abuser of son Park Bang and a gangster in the Kkangpae Dragons, later a murderer, appearing in Say Uncle in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Sil and Park immigrated into the US from Korea, along with Sil's brother Sung Bang, who cared for Park as his family, her husband (whose name isn't mentioned) and Jang Ming, who went under the alias Mr. Pan and let Sil and Park use the computer at his business.

Outside of Park, all four had criminal records: Sung on misdemeanors; Sil, her husband, and Ming with much more serious charges and records being associated with a street gang, the Kkangpae Dragons, primarily through the husband.

Sil's husband died of AIDS, but she still maintained ties with the gang. She even extorted a surgeon for plastic eyelid remodeling to make then look less Indochinese with the gang threatening him with his life and keeping ten percent of the costs before leaving. By unknown means (which most likely is the dangerous, reckless enterprises of the Kkangpae Park's parents were associated with), Park contracted HIV at a very young age.

Sil saw an opportunity in enrolling him in an unethical, aggressive clinical trial despite Park not even developing AIDS yet and the drugs and other regimens killing his systems even worse and sooner. She also extorted the doctor overseeing the trails, Eisling, for as much money as she could deal, several times insisting on increased payments. When Sung got out of jail (given back his handgun once discharged), he was horrified to find out what Sil and her husband had done to Park. To this end, he had Park come with him to save him from the trials and Sil's use of him for finances.

Say Uncle[]

Sil soon found out and tracked the two to the market in Koreatown. Sung demanded she stayed away from Park, but Sil was armed as well with an S&W revolver. She loudly refused and when screaming at Sung to give Park back failed, she shot Sung dead. Park was horrified and tried to save Sung, but Sung died as a result of the shots. Park was terrified to go back to Sil and the trials, so Park took his own liberty of taking Sung's Glock and killing Sil as well.

The shots made everyone scream and run, and in confusion and fear of the violence, people didn't offer much in witness accounts. The abuse and embezzlement were soon found out, as well as Park, who was staying with a neighbor named Mrs. Lee who took him in and cared for him while he was hiding. Park would later be found out and taken into custody for his actions, his status never being clarified in the end.

Known Victims[]

  • Park Bang (repeatedly abused with dangerously excessive HIV drug treatment; later escaped)
  • Dr. Eisling (embezzled for kickbacks from the HIV regimens)
  • Unidentified plastic surgeon (embezzled with the Kkangpae Dragons for eyelid surgery and 10% of the costs)
  • Sung Bang (shot twice in chest and once in cheek with S&W Chief's Special)


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