Minor Character: Miami
Name Kurt Sabin
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Club owner
Pathology Budding serial killer
Proxy killer
Mass kidnapper
Modus Operandi Stabbing, followed by false incrimination
No. of Victims 2 killed
1 killed by proxy
1 framed
1 robbed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Brian White
First Appearance Head Case

Kurt Sabin is a budding spree killer, family annihilator, and incriminator of Doug Benson, appearing in Head Case in CSI:Miami.


Sabin was a club owner who turned to Mitch Crawford as a financial consultant, despite his prison time for insider trading for six months. It was a horrible decision since Mitch's poor skill and quality of services led to his clients' massive losses of investments, including Sabin's loss of a million dollars and the club he owned. Sabin was furious and was eager to rob Mitch to get the money he felt he was owed, by any and all means necessary. To that end, Sabin grabbed his sawed-off Remington shotgun and went straight to the Crowleys' house. Sabin abducted the entire present family at gunpoint and tied them up, stabbing Mitch's wife and daughter, Victoria and Sarah, until they were dead to incentive Mitch into complying with Sabin's demands after breaking him. Sabin got the money, but Doug Benson heard the screams and rushed to save the family. Because Doug suffered from witnessing his father being murdered, Sabin took advantage of that with with his shotgun and even firing it near Doug's head to subjugate him. Using Doug as a patsy, Sabin then forced Doug to stab Mitch to death, then stole Doug's red hat which was burned with gunshot residue and fled with the money, tossing the hat in a road grate. Doug's added and resurged trauma led him to shock and dissociative anmesia even of his own identity, causing him to stumble aimlessly down a busy rode covered in the family's blood.

Head Case[]

Doug was detained and couldn't recall the details of the crimes, but suspicion of Doug not being behind the crimes came from several different pieces of evidence, such as the stab wounds in the family being different in depth between Sabin and Doug. Sabin's DNA was found on Mitch's watch, but he denied involvement in the murders and stated he wasn't even suing Mitch like his other let-down clients.

But the living son Logan, who snuck out of his military base for the stash Sabin stole, remembered Doug in his red hat, which wasn't at the scene. It's found in the grate, with GSR, the great having Sabin's fingerprint. Sabin cockily confesses in full, down to forcing Doug's crimes and leaving him to be framed. Sabin is arrested and incarcerated, with the team vowing to stand in Doug's defense.

Modus Operandi[]

Sabin targeted the Crawford family, as the father Mitch poorly advised Sabin before he lost his financial investment. Sabin made the family comply at the barrel end of a sawed-off Remington shotgun, then tied them and demanded as much money Sabin lost from Mitch. Victoria and Sarah, Mitch's wife and daughter, were stabbed to death to break Mitch enough to give up the money. Mitch relented and directed Sabin to money in the family's fire pit saved for Logan, the son in active military and the only living family member left. When Doug Benson intervened to stopped the massacre, Sabin aimed the shotgun at him and used his post-trauma problems against him to subjugate Doug to Sabin's demands, firing the gun near his head when Doug tried to fight. Sabin forced Doug at gunpoint to stab Mitch six times in his chest. Sabin stole Doug's hat that had gunshot residue on it, threw it in a road grate, and fled with the money, leaving Doug alive as a patsy.

Known Victims[]

  • Mitch Crawford (held hostage, robbed, threatened, and bound)
  • Victoria Crawford (held hostage, threatened, bound, and stabbed repeatedly)
  • Sarah Crawford (held hostage, threatened, bound, and stabbed repeatedly)
  • Doug Benson (threatened at gunpoint and held hostage; framed for all crimes)

The following were committed by Doug Benson under Sabin's instruction

  • Mitch Crawford (stabbed six times in his chest)