Minor Character: Miami
Name Wendy Colton
Lisa Blackwell
Braden Wilkins
Scott Pendleton
Alias Olivia Hunter (Blackwell)
Gender Both
City Miami
Occupation Simulation business
Pathology Proxy murders

Proxy assailants Assailant(Baraden)
Stalkers Incriminators
Reckless Endangerers Proxy kidnappers Accomplices to kidnapping and murder

Modus Operandi Simulations
Reckless endangerment


No. of Victims 1 killed by proxy
1 stalked assaulted and abducted
10+ recklessly endangered
Status All incarcerated
Portrayed By Melora Hardin (Colton)
Moran Atias (Blackwell)
Robert Parks-Valletta (Wilkins)
Alexander John (Pendleton)
First Appearance G.O.

The LIVE Corporation is a live simulation company that puts clients through fraudulent scenarios they have to find their way out of. The company would later be responsible for the framing and reckless endangerment of Neal Marshall at the behest of his brother Dean, along with the manslaughter of one of their employees, Lisa Blackwell. The company appeared in G.O. in CSI:Miami.


The LIVE Corporation is a "game" company specializing in clients or people set up by clients to run through allegedly "high risk" simulations and challenge them to conquer the scenarios they face. They have a wide array of resources and contacts, even in their own employees, including thespians, tech specialists, space rentals, cadaver leases, and of course lawyers if things go wrong. Dean Marshall came to the company requesting a simulation with Neal being on the run, framed for a fake "murder" they set up, in hopes Neal will gain the strength and invigoration Dean wanted in their accounting business, Dean finding his wife Jenny was partly responsible for withholding what with watching over Neal frequently in their marriage with kids. They even planned for the Miami Police to be a part of the chase, stringing them along with false leads without concern over the consequences.


With Dean arranging for Neal to meet at a bar the group's set up reservation in to "get out and have fun", the founder, Wendy Colton, make sure everyone knows their positions and scripts. When Neal arrives and can't find Dean, actor Braden Wilkins begins to "threaten" Lisa Blackhall, who's posing as "waitress" Olivia Hunter. Neal stands up for her, and the two men throw a few punches. When Neal goes into the bathroom to clean up, he finds Wilkins posed "dead" in prosthetic makeup and props. Actor Scott Pendleton, a witness to the "fight", "finds" the scene and runs off in horror to call the cops. Blackhall pretends to "help" Neal evade justice by hiding her in a rented apartment.

The CSIs question everyone and don't find Wilkins because he walked out before they arrived. Tracking Neal's car, they find a cadaver dressed in Wilkins' clothes under the name "Jason Norris", leased out by their fake company "Silas Biotech". Natalia Boa Vista goes to visit, and Colton answers, saying there's a "birthday party" in the back and that the dead person was "misplaced". But when she goes over later with Horatio Caine, the inside's been cleared back to it's blank slate, with shredded papers and the party favors in a bag in a trash chute.

Blackhall lies about taking Neal with her, but Eric Delko finds the two of them at the apartment and arrests them both. As they all go down the elevator, it stops and opens halfway down the wrong floor. Delko climbs out, but before he can bring the duo out as well, the LIVE Corporation techs, having sabotaged the elevator, makes it drop to the ground floor, slowing down to land softly before Blackhall slips both their cuffs and runs then over to a hotel room she reserved.

She drugs Neal and unbuttons his shirt to make it look like an "affair". But Neal had called Jenny earlier to check how she was and she tracked them both down. Blackhall answered the door, jenny seeing Neal passed out of the bed. Trying to barge in despite Blackhall blocking the door, Jenny rammed into it hard enough for Blackwell to fly back into the table, her neck snapping on impact. Jenny ran, leaving Neal to wake up and find the carnage. he calls Caine and reports the murder, but hangs saying he can't trust anyone and runs for his life.

The credit card information of Silas Biotech, which paid for the room, leads right back to LIVE Corporation headquarters. Colton introduces herself and the major cast actors. She says they're ready to bring their lawyers in explain all details and is horrified to find out Blackhall's dead. When she gives Dean's name as the client for the simulation, she and the other employees are all arrested for their parts in endangerment and obstruction and also on kidnapping and assault. Neal's later found holding his family hostage with his Glock, but he finds Dean unloaded it as part of the game, giving the cops enough of an opportunity to arrest Neal.

Neal's released and exonerated, livid to find out Dean's setup. Jenny's revealed as the killer, leaving Neal in shock and grief, and Dean's also presumably incarcerated, with the corporation obviously being forced out of business by the police and the DA's office.

Known Members[]

  • Wendy Colton (CEO; incarcerated)
  • Lisa Blackhall (aka Olivia Hunter; the "waitress" and liaison paired with Neal; deceased)
  • Braden Wilkins (the "aggressive victim"; incarcerated)
  • Scott Pendleton (the "witness"; incarcerated)
  • Numerous other cast and crew (all incarcerated)

Known Victims[]

  • Neal Marshall (framed, stalked, assaulted by Braden Wilkins and recklessly endangered ; was exonerated and rescued)
  • Lisa Blackhall (endangered to be killed by Jenny Marshall)
  • Jenny Marshall (endangered to kill Lisa Blackwell and face charges)
  • The Miami-Dade Police (repeatedly obstructed justice; later endangered in a standoff with Neal)
  • Dean Marshall (endangered in a standoff with Neal)