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Minor Character: New York
Name Lana Gregory
Gender Female
City New York
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Kathryn Collins
First Appearance Flash Pop

Lana Gregory is a murder victim from 1957 whose murder both went unsolved for decades and is the central theme of Flash Pop in CSI:NY.


Lana Gregory was killed at 1818 Myrtle Street on the doorstep of her home. She was stabbed during a struggle, three times in her lower right abdomen, causing her kidney and liver to collapse and bleed out. She laid dead on the stairs, the murder weapon still left in her body: a paper spike. Her shoe was at the base of the stairway, falling off from when she fell, her other shoe found in the dumpster with her full wallet. She had sectoral heterochromia-brown flecks in her right green eye to make it look brown. The secretary's poll found out she wore Stormy Red lipstick when she was murdered. Detective Paul Burton was assigned to investigate her case. She died in her 20s. Her killer still hasn't been found. Her murder would later be replicated in the stabbing of lab tech Jessica Davis at the same scene with near identical MO, killed by fellow lab tech Kim Barnett.


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