Minor Character: Miami
Larry Hopper
Name Larry Hopper
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Tennis Coach
Pathology Pedophile

Child molester
Double rapist

No. of Victims 2 molested

1 attempted

Status Deceased
Portrayed By Matthew Glave
First Appearance At Risk

Larry Hopper was a tennis coach and pedophile who appeared in At Risk of CSI: Miami. He was portrayed by Matthew Glave.


Larry Hopper worked at a tennis camp for children as a coach and helped teach kids to play tennis. At some point he started molesting young boys that came to the academy.

Andrew Kingman was a victim of his abuse and tried to speak up and get help in 2002. However when they took Larry to court a settlement was struck and neither party could discuss what had transpired. Larry would continue to abuse Andrew for an unknown amount of time.

Season Ten[]

At Risk[]

One of the young boys Larry molested, Mason Torres, set a fighting dog loose in the campus shower, with the help of Jack Brody, to prevent him from abusing more boys like himself. Larry was saved, however, by Ross Hemmet who interrupted the attack, causing the dog to turn on him as well.

After finding out Larry was a pedophile, Calleigh and Natalia convinced Andrew to speak up about the abuse that happened after the agreement and Larry was arrested. He never made it to the police station and was shot, presumably by an angry victim or parent, as he was being led out from the tennis academy. He presumably died from his injuries.

Modus Operandi[]

Larry targeted young boys from the academy and would act reclusive while he start spending one on one time with them and asking them to stick around after class. Afterwards he would coerce them into the shower where he would molest and possibly rape them for an unknown amount of time. When his victims grew to a certain age, Larry would let them go and start searching for another victim, repeating the cycle.

Known Victims[]

  • Presumably numerous unnamed victims molested prior to At Risk
    • Unspecified date:
      • Jack Brody (molested/raped in the shower)
      • William Diaz/Mason Torres (molested/raped in the shower)
      • Andrew Kingman (molested/raped in the shower)
  • March 18, 2012: Austin North (attempted: was being groomed by Larry before his arrest)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Ross Hemmet (deceased; ignored Larry's crimes)


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