Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Laura Kennerly
Gender Female
City Las Vegas
Occupation Former Air Force officer
Pathology Triple murderer
Modus Operandi Hacking, followed by suffocation
No. of Victims 3 killed
1+ attempted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Georgina Reilly
First Appearance Let the Chips Fall

Laura Kennerly is a triple murderer and plane hijacker appearing in Let the Chips Fall in CSI:Vegas.


Kennerly served in the Air Force, until she attacked and attempted to kill her superior commander and was imprisoned and dishonorably discharged. After she was released, her habits didn't change. She babysat Cole Truette, the son of Ellis Truette, who worked in commercial flights and had an ex-con cousin named Gary Hayworth. Kennerly caught wind of a recent manufactured packaged of untraceable casino poker chips heading to Vegas, worth $2 million dollars and able to be cashed in on without questioning. Hoping to heist them, she recruited Truette as the inside man, as he was dying of lung cancer and easy to manipulate with a lie that he'd get some of the money for his son. Truette hitched a ride on the plane. pretending to get back to the states and hiding Kennerly and her petite frame in a suitcase he brought into the flight.

Kennerly got out and tased the captain and first officer out of the cockpit, with Truette taking control of the plane while Kennerly cut the box open with the fire ax and loaded the chips into her parachute bag. As she planned to leave alone, taking advantage of poor control over he flight system with the plane being upside down, she hacked the two crew members to death with the ax and jumped out of the plane with the parachute. Truette was left behind to suffocate from the reduced cabin pressure, and the plane was going to crash into Vegas and kill countless people. However, Truette took the noble step of activating auto-landing programming, which safely laded the plane at its destination. The plane lands with no communication, so the police arrive, opening the plan to discover the bloody crime scene.

Gary was tracked from a barcode from one of his past flights, his rap sheet and measurements making him a suspect until confirming his diner eating habits left him with too much weight to fit in the suitcase. Laura was first met while babysitting Cole, trying to deflect suspicion on Gary. But her background is uncovered after she's detained on suspicion because her fingers had frostbite from her jump out of the plane. She denied all of her crimes and boasted evidence didn't connect her directly before leaving without being charged. When the plane is revealed to have flipped upside down the sticker released from Kennerly's taser is found in a vent in the ceiling. She's arrested and incarcerated for all the crimes, with Gary left with Cole under his care.

Modus Operandi[]

Kennerly targeted the untraceable poker chips being flown from Mexico to Vegas, with Ellis Truette as an accomplice which put his position on the flight crew to use. Kennerly was smuggled in through a suitcase by Truette, then let out once the plane was in flight. She took a fire ax and cut into the box with the poker chips, while Captain Eduardo Reyes and First Officer Mike Conroy were incapacitated with a taser. Intending to leave everyone on the flight to die, Kennerly hacked the flight crew to death with the fire ax, tried to kill Truette with the ax as well, put on a parachute, and jumped out of the plane with the loot. Truette died from oxygen deprivation and suffocated when the pressure in the cabin changed. The plane was going to crash unnamed into the populated Vegas area, but Truette saved countless lives by switching the plans controls to auto-landing before he died. When Kennerly nearly killed her superior in the Air Force, the means were never specified.

Known Victims[]

  • Unnamed superior Air Force officer (attempted to kill, but failed)
  • The plane robbery/hijacking:
    • Captain Eduardo Reyes (tased; later hacked to death with a fire ax)
    • First Officer Mike Conroy (tased; later hacked to death with a fire ax)
    • Ellis Truette (attemped to hack to death with a fire ax; later died from suffocation when the plane door opened and the cabin depressurized)
  • Numerous unnamed people (incidental; nearly killed from leaving the plane to crash; Truette activated auto-landing)