Minor Character: Las Vegas
Laura Sidle
Name Laura Sidle
Gender Female
Family Sara Sidle (daughter)
Unnamed husband (deceased)
Gil Grissom (son-in-law)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Murderer
Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By Kay Lenz
First Appearance Forget Me Not

Laura Sidle is the mother of Sara Sidle. In the episode House of Hoarders, Sara tells a suspect that her mother was schizophrenic and stabbed her father in the heart repeatedly while he slept. A few years later in the episode Forget Me Not, Laura is admitted to the hospital after getting her hands on a bottle of alcohol in her care facility. While there, she has an interaction with stalker and killer Ronald Basderic. Ronald later confesses to Sara that he stabbed a victim seven times, mimicking the number of times Laura stabbed her husband.