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Leda Callisto is a suspect in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation video game (2003). She works as a pharmacist on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

More Fun Than a Barrel of Corpses[]

Leda first appears in the fourth case, "More Fun Than a Barrel of Corpses." After Sophia Benedetti is found murdered, Leda is first found working the counter at a local pharmacy which filled a prescription for Maxamine, which was found in the victim's bloodstream.

You and Warrick Brown collect evidence to show that the doctor who seemingly prescribed the Maxamine was having an affair with Leda. Once brought in for interrogation, she reveals that Dr. Wilkinson was also having an affair with Sophia. Eventually, his wife found out about his infidelity, putting an end both flings.

The evidence and interrogation collected prove that Leda Callisto murdered Sophia for taking Wilkinson from her. Leda is arrested.

Leda's Swan Song[]

Case 5 is a continuation after Case 4. The game opens with Captain Brass sharing that Grissom has been abducted from the Desert Demonstration Gardens after an employee called, claiming to have evidence related to the Benedetti case. Working alongside Catherine Willows, you discover that Dr. Wilkinson's truck was at the scene of Grissom's abduction.

A search of Leda's apartment turns up a burned newspaper article about a drug raid involving Sophia Benedetti. You also turn up Leda's fingerprints, since we could not fingerprint her because she burned off her prints with acid. Leda's prints match unknown prints found in Karen Yardstrum's apartment, in Case 1. Fittingly, Leda's prints were on one of Karen's prescription bottles. This gains us re-entry to Karen's apartment, where her day planner shows she was meeting with a "Bernard Murphy." This arouses Catherine's suspicions, as Murphy is Leda's maiden name.

Brass looks up Bernard Murphy and discovers he was a CSI in nearby Washoe County. He was fired for failing to follow procedures for handling evidence. The case in question turns out to be the previously-discovered drug raid involving Sophia. At Murphy's disciplinary meeting, the expert called in for testify was none other than Gil Grissom. When Brass searches for Murphy's whereabouts, he is shocked to discover Murphy committed suicide just a week ago.

A subsequent interrogation of Leda reveals that Bernard was Leda's father. Sophia's father, well-connected casino magnate Carlo Benedetti, paid off authorities to tamper with the evidence against his daughter in the drug raid. Bernard was framed and was fired because of the Benedettis. Leda has since held a grudge against Grissom for failing to back up her father during the disciplinary hearing. Unbeknownst to Leda, Brass discovers that Gil did file a report suggesting the evidence indeed could have been tampered with, but it was buried by Vegas' then-mayor. Murphy was so distraught over the wrongful loss of his career that "he was driven into the arms of that showgirl slut," referring to Karen Yardstrum. Karen's recent break-up with him was the final straw, driving him to suicide. You discover that a key found at Leda's house opens a storage locker, leading you to a U-Store-It facility. After finding the correct unit, and unjamming the garage door, you find Grissom inside, injured but alive.