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Legacy (Vegas)
Legacy (Vegas)
Season 1
Number 1
Writer Jason Tracey
Director Uta Briesewitz
Original Airdate October 6, 2021
Next Episode: Honeymoon in Vegas

Legacy (Vegas) is the first episode in Season One of CSI: Vegas.


An attack on Jim Brass brings Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle out of retirement, only for them to uncover a conspiracy that could jeopardize the Las Vegas crime lab and lead to the release of thousands of convicted killers.


Victims: Jim Brass (alive), unnamed intruder (deceased)

On the case: Allie Rajan, Chris Park, Maxine Roby, Sara Sidle

Former LVPD Jim Brass is attacked by a knife-wielding intruder in his home. Brass, whose sight has deteriorated, is able to get the upper hand, shooting the intruder multiple times; however, he gets sliced on the wrist in the process. As the intruder lays dying, Brass questions him, asking him his name and who sent him. The intruder is only able to gasp "he didn't tell me" before dying.

Maxine "Max" Roby, current head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab, arrives on the scene. Inside the house, Level II CSI Allie Rajan looks over the intruder's body. She finds no ID but does find a wad of old $100 bills in the intruder's pocket. Outside, the paramedics tend to Brass as he sits on the back of the ambulance. He's on the phone asking someone for their assistance; the call ends when Max and Allie approach to ask questions.

The CSIs introduce themselves, with Brass remembering Max from Catherine Willows' retirement party. Brass informs them that his list of enemies is long and figures that the intruder was sent by one of them. There's no vehicle in the vicinity, so it appears that someone gave the intruder a ride. When Allie mentions the wad of old $100 bills, Brass has her read their serial numbers; the numbers are nearly sequential. Brass comes to a realization and mentions the name "Lucky." He explains that Lucky was a kidnapper who struck four times, sending notes to the police to taunt them; the notes would be signed "Lucky." However, after the final kidnapping, Lucky and his victim were never seen again.

In his room at the Eclipse, Brass gets a visit from Sara Sidle, who is incredulous at the fact that Brass hid his disease from everyone. Brass explains that he has Fuchs Corneal Disease, which has impaired his vision to the point where he can only see shapes. Sara also can't believe that the only helper her friend has is his parrot, Elvis; however, Brass informs her that his cleaning lady looks after him. Despite his faith in the new CSI team, Brass asks Sara to look into the case.

Sara visits the new and improved Vegas Crime Lab. While waiting for Max, she fixates on an article about former lab tech David Hodges, who has received positive press for forensically helping solve a case. As Max gives Sara a tour of the lab, she happily accepts Sara's help on the case, explaining that the lab is short-staffed and that she already has the credentials.

The two talk about the attack on Brass, with Max saying that the intruder had an affinity for knives. The intruder's prints and DNA aren't on file; however, the money found on him is. It was part of a ransom paid to "Lucky," making Brass' hunch correct. The file on Lucky contains a sketch artist's drawing of the man, and the file identifies the last victim as Kelsey Webb. Max opens a package on her desk and gets a surprise—a skull (presumably Kelsey's) along with a note that reads "Jim Brass is just the beginning."

In the morgue, Allie, an expert in desiccated corpses, examines the skull. She observes that the head was cut off postmortem, meaning the cause of death was something different. Allie looks at Kelsey's dental records and quickly concludes that the skull on the table is hers. Sara recaps Brass' history with Lucky—Lucky had returned his first three abductees after receiving huge ransoms. When the police tried to conduct a sting operation, Lucky sniffed it out and disappeared. Sara offers to look into the intruder and work backwards, but Max believes the first thing to do is to examine the intruder's clothes. Before they leave, Allie informs them that someone dropped the skull from a great height. The skull impacted a surface coated in a yellow powder, which stuck to part of the skull.

Though the intruder's shirt is soaked in blood and masking other DNA, Max explains to Sara that modern technology now allows them to perform parallel sequencing—the "next generation" of DNA analysis. Sara visits Doctor Hugo Ramirez in autopsy, where the intruder's brain has been removed and sectioned. Dr. Ramirez explains that he's looking for some reason why the mystery man would become a killer. Based on the fact that the victim has cauliflower ear and likely had CTE, they conclude that the man was some type of fighter. CTE would cause violent mood swings and outbursts, which the victim apparently tried to self-medicate with liquor. Dr. Ramirez looks over the victim's tattoos and spots what he believes is a cover-up; an old prison tattoo has been covered up with fresh ink in order to cover any tracks. The victim's stomach contents also contain large amounts of pomegranate. Later, an unseen pomegranate-eating man is seen driving past the crime scene at Brass' house.

The yellow powder on the skull is identified as brewer's yeast. This narrows down the list of possible locations to distilleries or brewery supply stores. Meanwhile, on Fremont Street, Officer Jill Fisher is approached from behind by a man wearing a green hooded sweatshirt. She's next seen bound and gagged, being stuffed into the trunk of a car. Since Officer Fisher is attached to the Brass crime scene, the thought is that Lucky has struck again.

The search of distilleries in the area is narrowed down to one located near a fruit stand. When Sara and CSI Chris Park go to check out the run-down facility, they spot a brand new lock on the door. Chris clears the area, finding some brewer's yeast on a workbench. Meanwhile, Sara comes across some loose and creaky floorboards. When she pries one open, she finds a decapitated, mummified body buried next to a large pile of cash.

Based off a preliminary look, Allie can't determine what Kelsey's cause of death was. Using a special solution, the mummified internal organs are rehydrated, whereupon a hole is found in the lung. A bullet is soon found wedged in the spinal column. To Sara's surprise, however, the bullet traces back to a gun used by Lucky to kill his girlfriend in 1996. The case was solved, and Lucky (real name: Ellis Vikner) was put in prison, where he died two years ago. Sara gives the bad news to Brass—Lucky didn't send a killer after him and isn't responsible for kidnapping Officer Fisher. The only good news is that Kelsey Webb's family can get some closure. However, the CSIs are now at a dead end.

All is not lost, though, as the CSIs seemingly catch a break—Officer Fisher's abductor left behind an old $100 bill as a tip (or calling card?) for a waitress. The bill is taken back to the lab, where Max swabs it for DNA. Her hope is that any old DNA on the bill has degraded, leaving only the DNA of the waitress and Officer Fisher's abductor.

Though the DNA from the cash is too degraded for a positive identification, SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) narrow down the suspect to a 5'3" Caucasian male with blonde hair and blue eyes. The focus immediately shifts to Bill Dwyer, a serial rapist. Sara mentions that she worked a case with Brass in 2010 where Hodges' soil analysis helped put Bill behind bars. This would give him motive for the attempt on Brass' life and the abduction of Officer Fisher. Bill also shared a prison cell with Lucky, and he has the same phenotype as the person who handled the old cash. It just so happens that he was released from prison in May, and the halfway house where he's supposed to be staying in hasn't heard from him in over a month.

Sara is soon confronted by Bill on the street, and it seems the ex-con has a gun in his jacket pocket. As Sara calls the CSI office, Bill launches into a soliloquy about how the CSIs put him away based on planted evidence. He says that they need to be taught a lesson for doing so, and threatens to do it soon. As Bill leaves the vicinity, Sara pursues him on foot. The chase leads into the middle of another street, where Sara is almost hit by a car. Bill gets into a car and drives away, but not before side-swiping another car and getting his rear bumper torn off. Sara takes photos of the car as it speeds away.

The SWAT team storms Bill's house, but they find nobody inside. Officer Fisher's service weapon is found, and the CSIs question why he would leave it behind. Allie finds the typewriter that Bill typed the threatening note on, and the team is soon alerted to a noise coming from underneath the house. The SWAT team finds Bill hiding in a crawl space with Officer Fisher next to him; he surrenders, and Officer Fisher is recovered unharmed. As Bill is hauled away, Max is alerted to a detailed letter found inside the house.

Despite Bill's lawyer, Anson Wix, claiming that the interrogation is premature, Max and Captain Ibarra inform them that the evidence against Bill is overwhelming—his car left tracks at the scene where Kelsey Webb was killed, and he was the one who paid the money to have Brass killed. Max looks over the note found, and it seems clear that Bill was following someone's orders; however, Bill refuses to flip on his accomplice. The end of the note mentions a storage facility in Spring Valley, which the note's author believes "is where they do it."

Max and Sara are led to the storage facility in question, which is curiously rented under Hodges' name. Inside, they find a miniature lab, complete with everything the CSIs use. There's enough there to fake test results and whip up phony evidence. Sara believes that this is all a setup and that someone led them to this storage unit on purpose. She's insistent that Hodges couldn't have done any of this, but Max tells her that proving his innocence will be difficult.

Evidence is removed from the unit; almost all of it pertains to old CSI cases. Sara continues to say that Hodges is being framed, but the only prints found inside the unit are his. On the bright side, the prints seem too perfect, as if they were planted. Max rallies her team, telling them that how they handle this will determine whether past convictions hold up.

Sara delivers the bad news to Brass, informing him that a lawsuit has been filed against Hodges, with several more to come. Every defendant that was put away with evidence from the lab could walk—a number that could be in the thousands. Hodges will likely be charged, as other cases involving lab techs in other parts of the country have set precedents. The CSIs aren't going to let Hodges take the fall, and Brass asks what the plan is. The camera pans over to Gil Grissom, who tells Brass that they'll do what they always do: "follow the evidence."

Victim: Danny Yates (deceased)

On the case: Chris Park, Joshua Folsom

An unseen figure sets a fire inside Yates Pawn Shop, steals a bag of money and valuables, and drives off in a pick-up truck. CSIs Joshua Folsom and Chris Park arrive on the scene, where a charred body lies in the middle of the shop. They observe that the fire was started by the door and spread quickly; the killer even doused the place in bleach. The victim was shot once through the left eye, and the money is gone. It seems the CSIs are looking at a robbery-homicide. Folsom finds a name tag on the victim, identifying him as shop owner Danny Yates. Just then, Danny's sister enters, hysterical at the sight of the charred corpse and the thought that it's her brother.

Chris and Folsom map the scene, taking photographs along the way. Folsom gets a call from Max and posits that the killer may have discarded the murder weapon amongst the other guns the shop had up for sale. He finds a pile of melted artillery in a room in the back of the store.

Folsom conducts an experiment to determine how hot the fire in the pawn shop was. There were no melted shell casings or slugs, leading him to believe that the killer swept everything up before setting the shop ablaze. No usable prints were found at the scene, either. Combined with the fact that the killer used bleach and wiped everything down, the thought is that they're looking for a very careful criminal.

Folsom recreates the pawn shop in a storage area the CSIs use for this sort of thing. Based on the evidence, he believes the killer approached the counter, shot Danny in the eye, and took off with the loot. He tells Max the bullet may be a .22 caliber, but he's unsure. They're puzzled as to why the guns weren't stolen, as their street value is likely twice of everything else taken. This leads to the thought that they're looking at an inside job that went horribly wrong.

Through his experiment, Folsom discovers that his sample gun started melting at 1,370 degrees Celsius. It held up past the point of a typical structure fire, leading him to conclude that someone melted the guns way before they set the shop ablaze. Folsom confronts the Yates family with this evidence. Danny Yates insists that his store sells clean weapons, something Folsom confirms when he runs a few serial numbers through the ATF database. Becky, a friend of the family and worker at the shop, is under the impression that Danny melted the guns for art, explaining that he took art classes after he became sober. Danny was also an advocate of gun control, which might explain why the guns had to go. Before leaving the house, Folsom notices a picture of the Yates family dressed in hunting attire.

Folsom is able to accurately recreate the crime scene. He concludes that Danny was actually shot from back to front, and he was shot from an area of the shop not previously examined by the CSIs. The murder weapon in question wasn't a gun, which explains why no shell casings were found. Instead, he believes the weapon used was a crossbow, and the arrow simply burned up in the fire. The killer left a part of the crossbow behind, and Folsom shows Chris the photo of the Yates family at a hunting outing; however, he believes that nobody in the Yates family is responsible based on additional evidence—something imprinted into the floor that's too wide to be a shoeprint.

It's determined that the print in the floor was made by a walking boot. Lisa Yates is brought to the scene along Becky, who just happens to be wearing a walking boot over her right foot. Folsom concludes that Danny found out Becky was selling guns illegally, which would explain why he tried to melt them down. Becky shot Danny in retaliation, but not before dousing the shop in bleach and lighting a fire to destroy the evidence. Lisa screams at Becky as the young lady is taken away in handcuffs.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Wallace Langham as David Hodges
  • Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass
  • Jamie McShane as Anson Wix
  • David Norona as Captain Ibarra
  • Jay Lee as Chris Park
  • Charles Baker as Bill Dwyer
  • Michelle DeFraites as Becky
  • John Gloria as Rick Yates
  • Whitney Ortega as Officer Jill Fisher
  • Sean Alexander James as Det. Will Carson
  • Marco Morales as Intruder
  • Sam Schweikert as Danny Yates
  • Valerie Gutierrez as Lisa Yates

Major Events[]

  • An attempt is made on Jim Brass' life, bringing Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle back to Las Vegas.


  • Something's Gotta Give by Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Wild Blood by Sam Tinnesz, Pep Squad
  • Oi (ATM) by NOISY
  • Good Ones by Charli XCX


  • Unlike other entries in the CSI franchise, the intro occurs over 11 minutes into the episode. This is likely because it's the pilot episode of the new series.
  • Brass mentions that Catherine Willows is a grandmother and that her daughter, Lindsey, now lives in Ireland.
  • It's mentioned that former coroner Albert Robbins is now retired.
  • When the storage locker is found at the end of the episode, evidence from past cases is recovered. Among the items discovered with links to CSI:Crime Scene Investigation are:


  • "Who Are You" by The Who is used as the show's theme. The same song was used in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.
  • Matt Lauria plays CSI Joshua Folsom in this latest addition to the franchise. He played FBI Agent Matthew Pratt in two episodes of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation (season 12).

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