Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Lenny Wesson
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Independent truck driver
Former Air Force soldier
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 1 killed
2 injured by proxy
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Benjamin Ciaramello
First Appearance Zippered

Lenny Wesson was a gun smuggler and murderer appearing in Zippered in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Wesson, with his independent truck driver job, smuggled high-powered firearms of severe and mass destruction, arms stolen from a raid in Pakistan conducted by dirty security contractor Mark Gabriel's mercenaries, killing a guard in the process with one of the weapons. Wesson was dishonorably discharged from the 532nd Airborne Division, but he maintained close contact with ex-military ranger Michael Newberry, a recluse and gun expert Wesson would consult for his smuggling, as Newberry had his own heavy-duty weapons in his basement vault.

Wesson, one night, showed Newberry one of the weapons, an FN-P90, which was intended specifically for troops in Afghanistan. Newberry put the pieces together and was horrified, but he still cared for Wesson as a friend. He offered to try and return the weapons anonymously to the military so Wesson wouldn't be caught and get in any penalizing trouble. Wesson wouldn't hear it, as he wanted a payday, so he aimed the gun at Newberry from the kitchen counter and shot him dead. Taking Newberry's remains outside, Wesson cut him in half using the power of the gun, a practice known as "zippering". Placing him in trash bags, Wesson then drove Newberry out deeper into the mountains where he lived, left Newberry's remains in a small valley for the vultures, and cut his army tattoo with a broken bottle so he wouldn't be traced to Wesson.

Wesson through the FN-P90 in a dumpster, where a kid thug named Drillbit found it and used it in an armed robbery. He sneezed, and the weapon went off, injuring him and the shop owner. Figuring out the murder weapon, and repairing Newberry's tattoo, reveal the illegal arms trafficking and led to Wesson. Gabriel's hit squad were sent to kill Wesson, who was wrapped in a rug in his own truck. When Willows and FBI Agent Viggo McQuaid try to arrest him they're locked in the truck, while two of the mercenaries use their own high-powered guns to shoot into the truck and try and kill them all. Willows measured her trajectory to ire through the truck and kill one of the shooters, leaving the other to flee.

Wesson fully confessed in interrogation, but before his arrest, he demanded immunity so he could provide information about Gabriel and the arms trafficking. Willows was vehemently against this, but Agent McQuaid offered the deal without hesitation. McQuaid was secretly in collusion with Gabriel, which he didn't tell Williows about, instead just apologizing for catching her off guard. Wesson is later killed in custody by the mercenaries, his death being disguised as a heart attack, to silence his testimony.

Known Victims[]

  • Michael Newberry (shot several times and "zippered" postmortem with an FN-P80; mutilated his tattoo with a broken bottle and left his remains in garbage bags in the mountains for vultures; left the gun in a city dumpster)
  • The convenience store hold-up (all collateral damage committed by Drillbit with the FN-P80):
    • The store owner (shot several times and severely injured)
    • Drillbit (severely injured by the recoil of the gun)


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