Minor Character: Miami
Leslie Warner
Name Leslie Warner
Gender Female
Family Matthew Warner (husband)
Unidentified son
Unidentified daughter
City Miami
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Shooting
Bull shark feeding
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 illegally aborted
2 framed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Alice Evans
First Appearance Bait

"My kids came back from Matthew's place. You know what she told them? They're going to have a new sister or brother. That bitch thought she was going to be their new mom. I couldn't let that happen."

Leslie Warner is a murderer and incriminator appearing in Bait in CSI:Miami.


Warner suspected her husband Matthew of being unfaithful in their marriage. and she hired Cindy Castiano, a licensed adulterer ouster, to prove it by seducing him. It worked only too well: he started an affair with Cindy instead, leading to Cindy getting pregnant. Disgusted, she never fought her husband and his mistress hard enough to stop the affair, and Cindy even got to know their children better. But Warner drew the line at her pregnancy and finally snapped, fearing she'd steal the maternal role from Leslie, who found herself a better parent. Finding her at the motel room she was staying in, not having met her before, Cindy inquired who she was. When Leslie pulled a Sig-Sauer pistol out, Cindy begged her to not shoot for the sake of her child. Leslie didn't listen and still fired in her shoulder regardless. With Cindy knocked down briefly, Leslie saw her tapes she used in her incriminations and stole them to keep from being identified before running off. When Cindy got up and tried to escape, Leslie noticed this and chased after her. The chased reached the docks, and when the two women struggled in a hand-to-hand fight, both fell into the waters below. Only Leslie climbed out and ran, but she didn't know Cindy was still alive and clinging to a buoy.


In the morning, several men at their boat saw Cindy, as well as bull shark approaching her. They screamed to get her attention so she could swim to shore, but when one of them was about to dive in after her, the shark chomped down on her leg and sank her under the water. The only that came up was the buoy and her blood. That is until the shark left, the CSIs finding her remains after the shark ate her leg, uterus, and unborn embryo. Finding her identity, they go to her employer and release her controversial occupation, and are shocked to find she was hitting on Frank Tripp as part of her job before she was killed, though he's soon cleared. They soon find out about Matthew, finding him a likely suspect. Leslie explains their strained marriage, but she still defends him in refusal to affirm he could be violent. The CSIs go into her garage and find Matthew's shoes with saltwater residue, as those shoes were the ones Leslie wore the night of the murder. Leslie took them for herself and said the CSIs could get them for evidence with a warrant. Not only do they obtain one, but from the remnant of Cindy’s tapes left behind at the scene, Horatio Caine hears "Please don't hurt my baby." A test on Cindy’s hormones by Alexx Woods proves she was pregnant, clinching the motive for her murder. Caine confronts Leslie in interrogation, verbally walking through how he knows the murder played out. She resentfully and shakily says her children told her about the pregnancy, and as she gets more emotional, she hatefully voices how she refused to let Cindy be the "new mom" of her children. Caine coldly retorts that now they have no mother at all, leaving Leslie alone to cry in grief. She's taken into custody, seeing Matthew one last time, and is soon after incarcerated for murder.

Known Victims[]

  • Cindy Castiano (shot in her shoulder; threw into the marina and left to be eaten by a bull shark; her unborn child was also killed)
  • Matthew Warner (nearly incriminated for the crime; was cleared of suspicion)
  • Frank Tripp (also nearly incriminated for the crime by accident due to his wife hiring Cindy as a private investigator to see if he was cheating on her; was also cleared of suspicion when his DNA didn’t match the DNA of Cindy's unborn child)