Main Character: New York
Name Lindsay Monroe-Messer
Gender Female
Family Robert Monroe (father)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Uncle Freddy
Danny Messer (husband)
Lucy Messer (daughter)
Son (currently expecting)
City New York
Rank Detective 3rd Grade
Status Alive
Portrayed By Anna Belknap
First Appearance Zoo York

Lindsay Monroe-Messer was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. When she was accepted for a position at the New York Crime Lab, she seized the chance to fulfil a dream and live in New York.


Lindsay is a dedicated, hard worker and also takes risks as she feels they are needed such as when she agreed to play decoy is Not What It Looks Like.

She has a playful sense of humor as seen in You Only Die Once, when she does a little dance after figuring out what accelerant the suspects used to make blue fire and when she makes a scene when Flack is wheeling away a life-sized silicone doll that makes passersby think he's breaking up with her to be with the doll. (Sex, Lies, and Silicone)

She also seems to be a kinetic learner as she likes to do hands-on demonstrations to explain the evidence, usually with Mac as a test subject. (People With Money)


Lindsay is extremely observant and often spots things that other CSIs miss. For example, she noticed that a "Portobello mushroom" was moving, which led to the team identifying the presence of leeches (Wasted). Another time, she realized that a french fry wasn't a french fry (Rest in Peace, Marina Garito). She has something of a habit of doing demonstrations when showing how she comes to her conclusions.


When she was a teen, Lindsay was the only survivor of a bloody massacre in a café in her hometown. Three of her friends and the waitress were killed by the gunman. Lindsay was haunted by her past and was only able to lay it to rest when she was called back to Montana to testify against the perpetrator in Sleight Out of Hand. She showed signs of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). This traumatic event has led Lindsay to struggle when dealing with mothers of victims in her cases and also when confronted with cases where the victims are young women.

Lindsay worked for the Bozeman Crime Lab for three years before she was hand-picked to join the New York Lab by her boss, Mac Taylor (Zoo York).

Season Two[]

When she first started, she was hazed by the team and made to do menial tasks (e.g. cleaning up tiger dung in Zoo York, digging through a dumpster in Bad Beat and looking for trace in a pool where a stripper wrestled with a customer in Trapped).

In the Season Two finale, "Charge of This Post," Lindsay and co-workers Mac Taylor and Don Flack are working a DOA (Dead On Arrival) in the back of a building. Lindsay leaves the crime scene to collect something from 'the van,' whilst detectives Taylor and Flack followed blood drops up some stairs to the 2nd floor. Mac calls Lindsay and tells her to get everyone away from the building. Seconds later the bomb goes off putting Don in the hospital and it is shown that Lindsay received a minor head injury.

Season Three[]

In the episode, "Sweet 16", Monroe was bitten by a snake that had escaped from a victim's automobile at a crime scene. This plot development allowed a short-term hiatus for Anna Belknap, who was pregnant at the time.

Lindsay abruptly leaves a crime scene almost as soon as she arrives in "Silent Night," forcing Stella to cover for her sudden absence. Lindsay is initially tight-lipped about her actions towards Stella but later comes clean about memories of the decade-old murder that she survived, which were triggered by her arrival at the crime scene and a trip to the morgue in which she saw the bodies of young women on the autopsy table.

Monroe took a leave of absence to return to Montana, to testify for the state against a suspect arrested for the murder of her friends (the leave of absence coincided with Anna Belknap's real-life maternity leave from the show) in the episode, "The Lying Game".

She was shown in the witness box in the episode, "Sleight Out of Hand", struggling to recount the events of the murder when her co-worker Danny Messer entered the courtroom. Buoyed by his presence, she regained her composure and confidently gave testimony identifying the suspect as the gunman. Thanks in part to Lindsay's testimony, the suspect, Daniel Katums, was found guilty. She and Danny share a moment where they almost kiss before being interrupted by reporters.

In the third season finale, "Snow Day," they awaken on the pool table in Danny's apartment, wrapped in each other's arms. She eventually recalls how their evening of drinking and playing pool ended up with a lovemaking session on the pool table.

Season Four[]

Towards the end of Season 4, she received a verbal reprimand from Mac for leaving out a piece of evidence and breaking the chain of custody during a lab inspection by Quinn Shelby.

Midway through Season 4, a boy in Danny's neighborhood is killed during a neighborhood robbery. Blaming himself for the boy's death, Danny begins to push her away in grief and falls into an affair with the boy's mother. Lindsay confronts him about pushing her away and is hurt when he is withdrawn and aloof. She tells him that she is not mad at him, but at herself for having fallen in love with him and that she will find a way to fall out of love with him. Danny later tries to apologize, but they are interrupted and called away on a case.

In the episode, "Like Water for Murder", an awkward moment between them causes her to leave a piece of evidence unattended. The investigator accrediting the lab notices this and brings it to Mac's attention. Mac has words with Lindsay, and she verbalizes regret at having entered into a relationship with a coworker. In the episode "Personal Foul", Danny calls her to apologize for pushing her away and he suggests that she come to his apartment. However, she merely says that she has to go, and hangs up the telephone.

Season Five[]

In the episode, "The Box", after being caught coming out of an ob-gyn clinic, she reluctantly tells him that she is carrying his child; the producers had decided to work Anna Belknap's real-life pregnancy into the storyline. After struggling with how to deal with the revelation, especially after her remark that she "knows him" and does not expect anything from him, Danny stands by her and accepts his impending fatherhood.

Danny proposes to her in the following episode, "The Triangle." Lindsay declines, later explaining that she is not refusing outright, but that she merely feels that it is the wrong time. She reminds him of the baby and suggests taking baby steps. Agreeing, Danny tells her that he loves her, which she reciprocates. Together, they tell Mac about the pregnancy, and Mac congratulates them.

In the episode, "Green Piece", she is planning a trip to Montana to see her family before the birth. With Mac, Danny discusses his relationship with Lindsay and their soon-to-arrive baby. At the end of the episode, Danny takes her to City Hall under the guise of meeting some friends. Outside the city clerk's office, he reiterates his feelings for her and says that he is the man she wants him to be. After she admits that he is, he again asks her to marry him. She agrees, and when the door to the clerk's office opens, she sees Mac and Stella, the friends that Danny was eager for her to meet. Mac and Stella then serve as witnesses to the marriage ceremony. During this portion of the episode, a montage of scenes is presented, ranging from the couple's first meeting in the episode "Zoo York" up through the episode "Forbidden Fruit".

At the end of the episode "Communication Breakdown", Lindsay, still in Montana, texts Danny that their baby is a girl.

By the episode "Greater Good" she has returned to the lab and goes into labour in the hallway. Adam takes her to the hospital, where, with Danny at her side, she gives birth to a girl. Though they initially disagree on the baby's name (Lindsay wants to name the baby "Lydia," but Danny prefers "Lucy"), they do agree that they want Mac to be the baby's godfather, which he accepts without hesitation.

In the episode, "Grounds For Deception", they have agreed that their daughter's name is Lucy, and have brought her to the lab, where their co-workers coo endlessly over her, including a male co-worker to whom Lucy responds positively, annoying the jealous father.

Season Six[]

Danny is in a wheelchair in the Season 6 premiere, having been shot while protecting Lindsay during a drive-by shooting at a bar at the end of Season 5. Lindsay encourages him to not give up on recovery and assures him that she will stay with him, no matter what. Lindsay's faith that Danny will recover despite the odds, and his desire to be a loving and attentive father to Lucy and devoted husband to Lindsay bolster his efforts, and by the end of the episode, "Dead Reckoning", Lindsay is overjoyed to find Danny in Lucy's nursery, holding Lucy and standing on his own.

Season Seven[]

During the Season 7 premiere ("The 34th Floor"), Mac honored Monroe by awarding her a "Combat Cross" for shooting Shane Casey, which continued from the previous season's finale. The award caused Monroe to struggle from flashbacks of the shooting, which in turn caused her to storm out of her therapy session and throw her medal in the trash, after denying having felt anything remorseful or regretful from the shooting. After receiving a present in the mail from Stella, who had transferred to New Orleans, Monroe is comforted by Mac and Danny (who had retrieved her medal), assuring her that she deserved the award for saving her daughter's life.

Season Nine[]

In Late Admissions, Lindsay returns home to Montana to witness Katums' execution. Lindsay visits Katums to confront him and demanded to know what the cost of all those lives he took was worth it, referring to the proceeds of the robbery. Katums does his best to convince Lindsay he is innocent and that as a child, Lindsay could not offer a proper description of the assailant, but Lindsay of course disregards Katums' plea and, before the lethal injection is administered, Katums finally confesses. It is suggested Lindsay and her father differ in their views on capital punishment with her father asking his daughter what good could be gained from Katums' execution, but Lindsay being flooded with memories of better times with her friends, remains steadfast in seeing Katums pay the ultimate sentence for his crimes. When Lindsay returns to New York, she finds Danny waiting for her on the stoop of their apartment building.

During Season Nine Lindsay informs her husband Danny that she is pregnant again, and that their daughter Lucy is going to be a big sister (Nine Thirteen). Danny is ecstatic by this news. Later on, in the season it is revealed that Lindsay is pregnant with a little boy (Blood Actually). 


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Total 170


  • Her favorite Woody Allen movie is Annie Hall. (Reignited)
  • Her weapon of choice is a Glock 26.
  • In the episode, "The 34th Floor", Lindsay was awarded the "Combat Cross" for shooting Shane Casey.
  • Unbeknownst to the producers, Anna Belknap was pregnant with her second child at the time "Personal Foul" was being filmed. When she told them of her condition later on, rather than conceal the pregnancy as they had in Season 3, they decided to work it into the upcoming season's storyline.
  • Danny and Lindsay are one of two couples in the show's history who got married. The other is Gil & Sara.