Minor Character: Miami
Lindsay Wade
Name Lindsay Wade
Gender Female
Family Lucas Wade (brother; incarcerated)
Emma Wade (sister; deceased)
Holly Wade (Daughter)
Unidentified parents
City Miami
Pathology Budding Serial Killer
Modus Operandi Pushing and falling (incidental)
Copycat murder
No. of Victims 2 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Monet Mazur
First Appearance Born to Kill

Lindsey Wade is a budding serial killer and the accomplice of her brother, serial killer Lucas Wade, whom she feels responsible for in leading to his killings and wanted to protect him. She appeared in Born to Kill.


Lindsey accidentally killed her sister, Emma, by pushing her down the stairs on a mattress too hard when they were sliding for fun. Her brother, Lucas Wade, was born with XYY syndrome, meaning he had an extra "Y" chromosome, merely rumored back them to "make" people with the syndrome violent, but that was enough for Lindsay to put the blame on Lucas. Lindsay eventually grew up and had a daughter named Holly with an unspecified man, whom she seemed to not have a relationship with by the time of the episode. Their parents already hated Lucas for the syndrome, and when believing he killed Emma, their mother beat him severely. The death was ruled as an accident, so neither of them were prosecuted. But Lindsay was horrified to find out Lucas would be imprinted by the trauma and grow to be a serial killer, murdering three women in New York and knowing it was him from Lucas carving "Y"s into their bosoms, luring them with the help of accomplice Travis Beck.

Born to Kill[]

When Lucas murdered Shelley Seaver in Miami, Lindsay finally decided to take action. She tried to post Lucas' bail when he was arrested, revealing his syndrome and the chagrin from their parents. When that failed, she decided to take action to exonerate Lucas, murdering a mother named Jennifer Royce in her home the same way Lucas would. Lindsay left the knife in her chest, which her son was horrified by so much he pulled it out before he gave it to the CSI team. Lucas eventually escaped when the police van crashed from a screw Beck loosened, killing the driver from the impact. In a perspective of "saving" Holly to get revenge on his sister, Lucas broken into Lindsay's house, threw her down so she hit her head, and abducted Holly before running off with her. The CSIs find Lindsay dazed and bloody, and when they tell her they know she killed Royce, she confesses, as well as to Emma's death and blaming Lucas for it. She's arrested and incarcerated, as is Lucas, who's stopped from fleeing with Holly on his boat to rescue her.

Known Victims[]

  • Emma Wade (accidentally pushed down a slide too hard)
  • Lucas Wade (framed for Emily's death)
  • Jennifer Royce (bound, stabbed, and mutilated like Lucas would kill; left the knife in her chest postmortem, which her son took out)