Minor Character: Miami
Name Lisa Radley
Gender Female
Family Unnamed husband
City Miami
Pathology Murderer
Revenge killer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 framed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Vanessa Branch
First Appearance Cheating Death

Lisa Radley is the revenge killer of con artist Steve Howell.


Lisa was unhappy with her marriage and went to a high-end hotel to have sex with a male prostitute named Steve Howell. Howell was also a con artist and drugged Lisa with GHB, just like numerous other married women Howell targeted and seduced. After she was unconscious, Howell robbed her of her money and numerous personal items, including her wedding ring. Lisa woke up, first confused, then horrified and panicking about what would happen if her husband found out.

When she realized the truth from failing to find the ring in her house, she went back to the hotel to find Howell. He was cuffed to a bed after another woman, amateur married prostitute Christina Dodd, restrained him and then passed out because he drugged her as well. Christina's husband, Dan Becks, lividly confronted Howell and left his army knife stuck into the gouged bed frame about Howell's head. Lisa arrived soon after, seeing the scene and demanding she get her ring back. Howell didn't care and just snarked at her while asking to be unlocked loose. Lisa was panicked while Howell was egging her on about how he took advantage of her, so in a breakdown from her not finding her ring, she emotionally took the knife out of the wood and stabbed Howell to death with it after saying "I just want my life back". She then fled and took the knife with her, leaving Christina to be found with Howell.

Lisa was questioned when her print was found on the broken shards of a glass vial. She told her account of the tryst and robbery, but she showed a receipt for a personal shopping appointment as her alibi. However, she got it from Mario Vega, whose receipts were fake and sold to people in discretion to provide them alibis. She was pulled over in her car, and the bloody knife in a towel was found in the trunk of her car. She was taken into custody, and interrogation, she said in devastation she killed Howell out of losing hope from her ring being missing, as well as saying Howell had to be stopped. Caine simply mumbled a couple times, "Not by you". Lisa was arrested, booked, and incarcerated for murder in a lesser degree.

Modus Operandi[]

Lisa impulsively pulled the army knife belonging to Dan Becks out of the bedframe where he lodged it, then stabbed Howell repeatedly in a frenzy while he was in cuffs that Christina Dodd had placed him in. Lisa took he knife with her and placed it in the trunk of her car, then left Christina behind as well so she took the blame for the murder.

Known Victims[]

  • Steve Howell (repeatedly stabbed to death with Dan Becks' army knife after he was restrained by an unconscious Christina Dodd; took the knife with her)
  • Christina Dodd (left to be framed for the murder)