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Long Pig
Long Pig
Season 1
Number 4
Writer Safia M. Dirie
Director Nicole Rubio
Original Airdate October 27, 2021
Previous Episode: Under the Skin
Next Episode: Let the Chips Fall

Long Pig is the fourth episode in Season One of CSI: Vegas.


The CSI team investigates when a body is dug up in the luau pit of a Hawaiian-themed hotel. Also, Internal Affairs begins to question Grissom and Sara's return to the crime lab.


Victim: Jeremy "JJ" Jackson (deceased)

On the case: Allie Rajan, Gil Grissom, Joshua Folsom, Maxine Roby, Sara Sidle, Will Carson

A charred body is found in a barbecue pit at a Hawaiian-themed resort. Folsom has learned that the pig went into the pit at 11:00 PM the previous night; when it was dug up the following morning, there was a body with it. Allie concludes that the victim was dead when he was dumped in the pit, as the body would've otherwise been in a fetal position to protect itself from the flames. Cause of death might be difficult to determine due to the fact that the victim's insides may also be cooked. Folsom determines the path the killer took, as there's only one route out of view of the security cameras. The conclusion is that the killer either got lucky or they knew the layout of the property very well. In order to keep the body intact, Folsom suggests digging up the entire pit and bringing it back to the lab.

While Max questions Roy Kahale, the resort's general manager, Allie checks to see if any of the shovels on the property were used to unearth the pig and dump the body. Max notes that the pit is accessible by the public, and Roy confirms that he's the one who made the decision to put the pit in that spot. He provides an alibi for the time of the murder—he worked late and went home to his wife.

In autopsy, Dr. Ramirez finds a serialized sacral nerve implant in the victim's chest cavity. The implant identifies the victim as 25-year-old Jeremy "JJ" Jackson, the son of the resort's owners. Dr. Ramirez notes that the implant was needed because JJ donated his kidney; his remaining internal organs dissolved from the heat and seeped onto the pig. The doc also observes that JJ was hit by something repeatedly, but won't be able to find out much more until the body cools.

Allie and Det. Carson speak with JJ's heartbroken parents, Scott and Lynn. They mention that JJ donated his kidney to a friend of a friend from the goodness of his own heart. When asked about JJ's recent behavior, Scott says that JJ quit the hotel despite the fact that he was being groomed to succeed his father as the CEO. Lynn believes that JJ's sudden departure had something to do with Roy Kahale, as the two of them didn't get along.

Allie and Sara dig through the dirt from the pit and a find a white substance later identified as cyanuric acid, which Sara says is used to sanitize high-traffic pools. Allie remembers that Roy was dealing with a problem with the pool on the night of the murder; they might have a suspect. She and Det. Carson speak to Roy, who admits that he knew it was JJ's body in the pit due to the distinctive red shoes he was wearing. He withheld this information because he didn't want people getting the wrong idea, confirming that he and JJ butted heads often.

Roy leads Allie and Det. Carson to the maintenance shed. While they look around, employee Kai Manu proclaims that karma got JJ—he was a rapist who raped Kai's girlfriend (and former employee) Rachel Koa. Kai figures that JJ's parents had his records erased, adding that their lawyers threatened to ruin Rachel if she didn't retract her statement. However, Rachel ended up losing her job and being banned from the hotel, anyway. The ordeal culminated in Rachel overdosing two weeks ago. Kai calls JJ scum, adding that whoever killed him did the world a favor.

Max tells Allie to pull Rachel's rape kit, which should still be on file. Allie has also pulled Rachel's statement, which says that she had drinks with JJ after work. JJ slipped something into her drink, brought her back to his hotel room, and attacked her, ripping her necklace off in the process. Allie is upset that JJ's parents covered for him, but Max reminds her that he was an "alleged" rapist and that he's the victim in this case. Max points out that Rachel had a half sister who is a professor at WLVU; if avenging Rachel is the motive, the half sister may know more people who fit the profile of the killer—someone who is strong enough to carry a body, works with cyanuric acid, and is capable of butchering JJ and dumping him.

Allie speaks with Cynthia Koa, Rachel's half sister. She blames JJ for getting Rachel into drugs and partying, both of which weren't Rachel's style. The focus seems to be on Rachel's extended family, but Cynthia believes that JJ raped other women before, as well; therefore, someone else's family may have motive for murder. Cynthia concludes the questioning by saying that whoever killed JJ gave her a gift, as she can now shut her eyes in peace at night. During the exchange, Allie closes her notebook and listens without taking any notes.

Tox results confirm that Rachel had a lot of GHB in her system and that she was sexually assaulted; however, the DNA doesn't match JJ. Rachel was definitely drugged, but may have been too disoriented to properly identify her attacker. Allie's focus is on finding the real rapist, but Max reminds her that JJ's killer is still at large. Max once again encourages her to find a suspect that fits the physical profile of their killer.

In autopsy, Dr. Ramirez confirms exsanguination as the cause of death, pointing out that the blood spilled out from under JJ's arm. Allie looks at a piece of punctured skin under the microscope and deduces that the murder weapon was jagged on one side and triangular shaped, similar to a shark's tooth. She pulls a piece of something from the ribcage, and we see that it's similar to her description. It seems they've found a piece of the murder weapon.

Allie, Folsom and Det. Carson visit the hotel with a warrant for anything resembling the weapon in question; unfortunately, the hotel has over 100 artifacts with the shark-tooth design, including several items in Roy Kahale's office. Back in the lab, every weapon tests negative for blood; there aren't even any decent fingerprints on them. Max offers to test each weapon for a wound pattern, but a frustrated Allie leaves to get some fresh air, upset that their case is at a dead end.

Allie and Max take turns swinging the weapons at a gel dummy in an effort to replicate the wound pattern on JJ's torso; however, the tests prove that something longer and thicker made the pattern. Furthermore, it appears the killer swung the weapon rather haphazardly; the weapon may have also been improvised. The shark tooth is coated in something, which is identified as a calcium hydroxide formula. Max finds out that the formula is most commonly used in museums, and Allie recalls that Cynthia Koa is an anthropologist who works with Hawaiian artifacts. Allie also believes that she saw Cynthia at the crime scene when they first investigated. Max encourages her to go back through her notes, but Allie admits that she visited Cynthia alone and didn't take any notes—she let her sympathy towards Cynthia cloud her judgment. Allie swears she saw Cynthia at the crime scene, which is enough for a warrant to search her place, especially since the Koas were banned from the hotel.

Nothing in Cynthia's house tests positive for blood. Max encourages Allie to focus, and Allie spots a photo of Cynthia and Rachel. In the photo, Rachel is wearing a shark tooth necklace. While everything in Cynthia's jewelry box tests negative for blood, Allie realizes that Cynthia is actually wearing the necklace in question.

In interrogation, we see that the broken shark's tooth matches up perfectly with a broken piece of the necklace. Cynthia admits to wrapping the necklace around a baseball bat and beating JJ to death. She decided to give JJ the "Captain Cook treatment," explaining that Captain Cook came to Hawaii uninvited and tricked the natives. The natives, in turn, killed Captain Cook and roasted him. Cynthia believes that it was up to her to deliver justice and expose JJ for the pig he was. However, she's soon informed that JJ didn't rape Rachel. Allie and Det. Carson know that Cynthia couldn't have done this all by herself. The thought is that she enlisted Kai, for he knew his way around the property; he had also just finished cleaning the pool, which explains the cyanuric acid found with the body. Cynthia remains quiet and insists that she acted alone ("kama'aina stick together").

Allie privately apologizes for the way she handled the case, and Max encourages her to get a hobby outside of the job that acts as an outlet for any pent up rage. Wanting to get justice for Rachel, Allie heads back to the hotel and speaks to JJ's parents. Scott and Lynn Jackson are thrilled that their son's killer was apprehended and that his name was cleared. However, Allie informs them that Rachel wasn't lying—she was certainly raped. While the DNA didn't match JJ, it had some alleles in common with the real rapist. Scott is the one who drugged and raped Rachel; he then pushed Rachel to drop the charges and banned her from the hotel. Lynn puts the pieces together and realizes that this is why JJ quit, as he knew what his father had done. Scott isn't placed under arrest, as the charges were dropped before Rachel died. Without a complainant, the case can't be pursued any further; however, Lynn vows to ruin her husband's life for what he did.

Allie is later seen swimming and releasing her emotions underwater.

Under investigation: David Hodges

On the case: Gil Grissom, Maxine Roby, Sara Sidle

Grissom is questioned by Det. Nora Cross, and is informed that 8,000 convictions are about to be overturned because of Hodges' maleficence. She brings up the 2006 case of Diane Chase, a mob lawyer murdered by bridesmaids at her son's wedding. Grissom remembers the case well, and is told that a blood sample from one of the women convicted in the murder was found in Hodges' storage unit. Det. Cross informs him that he'll be asked to testify about how he missed it; she presents a redacted report that has Grissom's signature on the bottom. Grissom says that he would never have signed a redacted report, but he's presented with two scenarios—either he made an error in oversight or he was aware of what Hodges was up to. Det. Cross believes that it's no coincidence that Grissom and Sara are back in Vegas working in the crime lab while all this has come to light.

Grissom fills Sara in regarding his meeting with Det. Cross, telling her that Det. Cross wouldn't even show him the methodology Hodges used to replicate DNA in 2006. He laments the fact that they don't have more time to peek around Hodges' storage locker. Despite the fact that Hodges' legal team will get to see all the evidence against him, Sara notes that they only a few weeks to figure out who is framing Hodges before the trial begins.

Sara is upset that she's being accused of being complicit and demands to see the files Det. Cross has on her desk. She's informed that none of the 12 cases Hodges tampered with came under her watch; however, she's the one who worked with Hodges the longest. Sara vouches for Hodges' character, but Det. Cross brings up Sara's character instead, citing a mostly negative performance review that Grissom wrote just before the Diane Chase investigation. Det. Cross notes that this was around the time Grissom and Sara became serious, and believes that Sara may not have noticed what Hodges was doing because she was distracted by the workplace affair. The affair and negative performance review will be used against Sara if she testifies in favor of Hodges. Before leaving, Det. Cross finishes reading Grissom's review, which ends up praising Sara's ability as a CSI; Sara, however, is unimpressed.

Det. Cross meets with Max, concerned about the lab's optics with Grissom and Sara employed there. Max defends her decisions, saying that she hires people with the utmost talent and integrity for her lab.

In their hotel room, Sara admonishes Grissom while he spends the night trying to replicate DNA. It's their belief that Hodges could've faked evidence, even with the inferior technology they had way back when. Sara recaps her meeting with Det. Cross, saying that there's no way they're going to get their hands on the evidence against Hodges. However, she has a plan—she needs Grissom to stall Det. Cross and coax her to give him a peek at the evidence, but it needs to be her idea.

Grissom and Sara meet with Det. Cross separately. While Grissom is displeased that his two options are either throwing Hodges or himself under the bus, Sara is more upset over the belief that her romance with Grissom compromised her job. Sara also cautions Det. Cross that Grissom isn't the type of person who forms a conclusion, then works backwards to get there. She adds that if Grissom is put in a lab and given time to study, he eventually finds his way.

Det. Cross relents and provides Grissom with the files found in Hodges' storage unit. One of the files indicates that the bones were leached of DNA, and Grissom admits that Hodges faked evidence. He then pleases Det. Cross by saying he'll testify in the Diane Chase case. Back in their hotel room, Grissom shows Sara the file he got, concluding that only one of their ten suspects has the skill to do what was indicated in the report; they just have to prove it. The viewer sees the face of the CSIs' main suspect.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Kat Foster as Det. Nora Cross
  • Sean Alexander James as Det. Will Carson
  • Tripp Pickell as Captain Wilson
  • Luke Tennie as Bryan Roby
  • Michael Sun Lee as Roy Kahale
  • Raphael Sbarge as Scott Jackson
  • Sisa Grey as Cynthia Koa
  • Buckley Sampson as Lynn Jackson
  • Christian Vunipola as Kai Manu
  • George Tsai as Officer Chung
  • Michelle Haro as Darya
  • Andy Jones as JJ
  • Kira Omans as Rachel


  • No Time to Lose by Goon Des Garcons
  • Flicker by Juno Mamba
  • Hunter by Becca Mancari
  • Lens by Tor
  • Hit 'Em by Yasko
  • Where Do We Go From Here by Ruelle


  • Det. Nora Cross informs Grissom that one of the problematic cases Hodges worked (and Grissom signed off on) was that of the murder of mob lawyer Diane Chase. This occurred in the CSI:Crime Scene Investigation episode Rashomama.
  • Sara mentions to Det. Cross that one night during a tough case, she gave Grissom her entire life story, which included a complicated childhood. She had her one-on-one talk with Grissom in the episode Nesting Dolls, a case which caused her to get temporarily suspended for insubordination.
  • When speaking with Grissom, Det. Cross presents the case of Ronald Pose, who choked to death on the cremains of his dead wife. Grissom mentions that he's unfamiliar with the case, which occurred in the episode All That Cremains. Indeed, Grissom had left the lab by that point.

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