Minor Character: Miami
Name Lucas Wade
Gender Male
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Lindsay Wade (sister; incarcerated)
Emma Wade (sister; deceased)
Holly Wade (niece)
City Miami
Occupation Fisherman
Pathology Serial Killer
Proxy Killer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
Proxy murder by car crashing (once)
No. of Victims 4 killed
1 killed by proxy
1 attempted
1 abducted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Michael Kelly
First Appearance Born to Kill

"I have to protect her from Lindsay."
"And I have to protect her from you."
-Lucas and Horatio

Lucas Wade is a serial killer who appeared in the season five finale of CSI: Miami.


Lucas was born with an extra Y chromosome, which in the past was believed to be a kind of "killer gene" that caused a predisposition towards violence. The theory was debunked in modern times, but Lucas suffered a great deal of emotional abuse at the hands of his mother, who believed her son to be a born killer. This culminated one afternoon when Lucas, and his two younger sisters, Lindsay and Emma, were sliding down a staircase on a pillow in their home. When Emma went down, she slipped and was killed when she hit the floor. Even though Lindsay had been the one who gave her the boost, she blamed it on Lucas. Their mother, in a fit of rage, quickly believed to her, started beating him, shouting at him and calling him out of their house.

In adulthood, Lucas became a fisherman as well as a serial killer, killing three women in Boston, using accomplice Travis Peck to lure them with his motorcycle. Lindsay always felt guilty for blaming her brother for the accident she caused (it's unknown if she revealed something to their heartless mother), however Lucas didn't accept her apology.

Season Five[]

Born to Kill[]

When Lucas and Peck repeated the cycle by Peck luring and being aggressive with Shelley Seaver's friend before Lucas went to her apartment murdered her, the CSIs were called to the scene. They quickly find the murders in Boston, and identifying the blade used as a fishing knife, they quickly track and arrest Lucas. Lindsey suddenly shows up and tries to post his bail, revealing his syndrome and their parents' abuse. When she fails, she takes matters into her own hands and kills a mother, Jennifer Royce, in her house, leaving the knife in her chest and posing her for her son to find, all to not have Lucas seem like the killer. It doesn't work, and Lucas is still transported in the police van, Jake Berkeley as an escort. But Peck loosened a screw so the wheels would break in their gears, causing the vehicle to crash and killing the officer driving. While Berkeley was recuperating from injuries, Lucas broke free and escaped with Peck's help. When Peck was found out and arrested, Lucas broke into Lindsay's house, knocked her down, and abducted Holly, his niece, to "protect" her from Lindsay. Lindsay was found dazed and with blood on her head, but confessed to both the murders she committed, saying she owed it to Lucas, and was arrested as well. Lucas was cornered on his boat with Lindsey, just about to get on, but Horatio Caine and Eric Delko come with their guns drawn. Lucas says he has to protect Holly, but Caine reminds him the police have to protect her from him. Lucas surrenders, Holly's save, and all three criminals in the spree are incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Lucas targeted Caucasian blondes in their early 20's. He would use Travis Peck to lure them or their friends away to get the women alone, before Lucas would follow them to their homes, break in and tie them up with fishing wire. He would then kill them by stabbing them with a fish knife he used in his work. His signature was carving a Y into their cleavages post-mortem, referring to his extra Y chromosome. When he was transported in a police vehicle, Peck loosened a screw to unhinge the wheels and cause the vehicle to crash killing the driver and injuring Dan Cooper from the impact.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified dates, Boston, Massachusetts: Three unnamed women
  • May 14, 2007, Miami, Florida:
    • Shelly Seaver ( stabbed repeatedly)
    • Lindsay Wade (his sister; attempted, but survived; was non-fatally hit on the head)
    • Holly Wade (his niece; abducted; was rescued)

Victims by Proxy[]

  • May 14, 2007:
    • Unnamed police officer (killed by Travis Peck in a car crash to help Lucas escape custody)
    • Dan Cooper (attempted; injured in the car crash)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Travis Peck (accomplice; incarcerated)
  • Lindsay Wade (killed on her own to exonerate Lucas; incarcerated)


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