Minor Character: Miami
Name Lucy Strickland
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation College student
Roller derby candidate
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Bludgeoning
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Johanna Braddy
First Appearance Wheels Up

Lucy Strickland is the roommate, emergency contact, ex-friend, and later murderer of roller derby pro Connie Briggs, appearing in Wheels Up in CSI: Miami.


Strickland was friends with Briggs since their freshman year, even supporting Briggs in her brutal battery at the hands of then-boyfriend Jake McGrath. Strickland always had aspirations to join the roller derby, loving the edge and the competition to fight for the wins. She encouraged Briggs to join her too, Briggs being inspired to take herself back in a sport she could fight in where she couldn't in a relationship. Briggs exceeded expectations with flying colors, but Strickland was regularly rejected from every squad always envious of Briggs being a success in a sport that was her idea to begin with. Even though Strickland even reinforced her guards with steel, not plastic, spray painting them to disguise them so she's have better edge and force in the game. In one tournament, which would be her last, "Wrath of Connie" Briggs went to the bathroom to vomit during a brawl, as a result of her mouth guard being switched with one laced with ipecac by Vince Kessler, brother of Tara "Tara and Feathered" Werner, avenging her for Briggs and Werner getting into a scuffle that broke her lower spine and left her paralyzed, even though she didn't hold a grudge since it's part of the sport. Strickland was getting her things from her locker while Briggs was hunched over the toilet. At the worst time, Strickland laments on what she'll be missing out on but hopes for the best for Briggs, yet Briggs says in between vomits and coughs maybe it's for the best because she wouldn't be cut out for the roughness of the sport regardless. Strickland found this as the last straw after being in Briggs' shadow for months, retorting with a hard slam of her steel guard into Briggs' spine before walking off. Strickland would be horrified later that with all the severe battery Briggs was put through by McGrath, the force of the slam made a fragment of her rib break off and lodge in her heart, cutting it open and causing her to bleed out quickly. Briggs would later be seen by the ladies returning from the brawl, lying dead outside the stall she was retching in. After going through a competitor and a derby partner as suspects, and then finding out Kessler's the ipecac poisoner, Strickland comes to the lab, saying no one would wanna hurt Briggs. She lied about the derby, saying it was her thing and not Strickland's, so they rarely talked about it, but she does point them to Werner, which reveals the full motive of Kessler's ipecac spike. But Werner also brings the team closer to Strickland from confirming the bruise on Briggs' back was made by Strickland's elbow guard, but they still don't know Strickland's the killer, just her murder weapon. She's later questioned about all the X-rays of Briggs' healing fractures, and Strickland admits McGrath and the battery Briggs was put through by the ex, revealing that's what Briggs loved to conquer in the roller derby. After a heated confrontation with McGrath, they go to the beater's house and see a sandbag with distinctive elbow pad marks for practice. The CSIs suspect derby partner Deb "D'Beat Down" Taylor-but Strickland's revealed to be the practice partner. The CSIs finally got the answer to the questioned they wondered: how did the killer murder Briggs with such force. Strickland's steel-modified guards added more of an impact. Strickland finally admits the derby was her idea and all her failures, confessing in tears to their fatal confrontation, apologizing while she cries and is arrested, saying she never meant to kill Briggs after all they both went through. She's soon after incarcerated for murder.

Known Victims[]

  • Connie Briggs (slammed a steel elbow guard into her back, causing her already broken bones to fracture into her heart and make her bleed to death)