Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Luis Delgado
Gender Male
Family Unnamed mother
City Las Vegas
Occupation Strip club owner
Pathology Gangster
Proxy killer
Attempted murderer
Modus Operandi Stabbing, preceded by shooting
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 killed by proxy
1 abducted
3 attempted by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jason Manuel Olazabal
First Appearance Passed Pawns

Luis Delgado is a murderous gangster and an original suspect in the murder of freelance hitman Jeremy Sikes, until Delgado looks answers from the killer himself. He appeared in Passed Pawns in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Delgado was a significant player of a Las Vegas chapter of the Mala Noche cartel, never charged with the murder of a drug cartel informant, by shooting him twice in his back, digging the bullets out with a knife, and stabbing him several times to cover up the M.O. Homeless gambler and freelance hitman Jeremy Sikes was directed by Ruby Banks to shoot and kill Delgado on behalf of an unknown client she was paid by. Sykes shot Delgado in a "robbery" where several of his home items were stolen, but Delgado lived through the attack. Sykes pawned all the items and cashed in to go to the casino, but Banks found out later one item was a drawer with a secret compartment, filled with a stash of drugs. Banks fenced the drugs regardless, but Delgado was furious and looking for answers.

Banks killed Sykes using the same M.O. Delgado used to kill the drug dealer, to frame Delgado and to dispose of Sykes as a liability. Delgado was questioned as a suspect, obviously from the frame job and the robbery that nearly took his life, but at his strip club, he told the detectives about his solid alibi of being with his sick mother. Delgado someone caught wind of Banks' operations and send his thugs to barge into the shop. Demanding the drugs, they shot and killed banks' older son Kyle, but before she and her young savant son Zeke could die, Zeke lied he knew where the drugs were and was taken hostage. Banks confessed to her operations and killing Sykes, admitting the drugs were long gone, so Brass confronted Delgado again. When he played dumb and ordered his bodyguards, Brass shot one of them in the leg, held Delgado at gunpoint, and demanded Zeke's whereabouts. threatening to kill him if he refused. Zeke was returned, bruised from beatings, and Delgado was presumably arrested and incarcerated.

Known Victims[]

  • Unnamed drug informant (shot twice in the back, dug the bullets out with a knife, and stabbed several times in the back)
  • The pawn shop siege (committed by Delgado's henchmen on his orders):
    • Kyle Banks (shot dead)
    • Zeke Banks (Attempted to kill, then took hostage and beaten; was rescued)
    • Ruby Banks (attempted to kill; was released)
  • Jim Brass (attempted to kill through his bodyguards; relented when Brass shot one)


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