Luke Sutton is a schizophrenic murderer who later committed suicide, appearing in Three Generations are Enough in CSI:NY.


Luke and his brother Paul Stryzewski were the third generation of a family with schizophrenia. Paul was better with managing his ailments, but Luke suffered even more. He faced hallucinations of a figment named "Charlie Langdon", which he "reported" to in his job over imaginary discrepancies. Because of his paranoia, his relationship with his girlfriend, Emily Dent, deteriorated because she never understood his schizophrenia and couldn't support him thus, along with his cocaine usage as a result of the hallucinations.

Paul fared better enough to work in construction and have his own girlfriend, church volunteer Trina Ralston. Paul eventually impregnated Trina with their unborn child, which Luke somehow found out about. Luke was always resentful of his family's schizophrenia, which reiterated in his "reports" in one line "three generations are enough", which references a national sterilization verdict from decades ago to prevent further generations of mentally ill people with such diagnoses running in the family. As a result, "Charlie" made Luke snap in a psychotic break out of fear of another person with schizophrenia in the brothers' family.

He left his mental chaos in numerous note scribbles in his briefcase, with his three bloody fingerprints on a note reading "in case something happens to me". He then tracked Trina to her church and pushed her off the roof, before driving his car to Ridgeway and setting himself and his car on fire, killing himself. The bomb squad responded to his briefcase and lasered it, causing much of its contents to scatter and disintegrate. But his notes were found and Trina's corpse was found at the side of the church.

Paul was tracked and taken to interrogation, but his schizophrenia was obvious and led him to be a suspect. But tracking Luke's movements and remembering the meaning of "three generations are enough" leads Mac Taylor to piece Luke's breakdown and crimes together. He personally delivers his condolences to Paul and commends him for maanging his own schizophrenia better than his brother could.

Known Victims[]

  • Trina Ralston (killed, then thrown off her church's roof postmortem)


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