Minor Character: New York
Edward James Olmos CSI NY Sangre Por Sangre
Name Luther Devarro
Gender Male
Family Rick Devarro (brother; deceased)
City New York
Occupation Restauranteur
Pathology Spree Killer
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 3 killed
1 assaulted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Edward James Olmos
First Appearance Sangre Por Sangre

Luther Devarro is a gang leader and spree killer who appeared in season 7 of CSI: NY.


Luther, a Puerto Rican American, founded the El Puño street gang in East Harlem to establish his sense of order in the rough neighborhood. When Mac Taylor sent him to prison for fifteen years for assault, three gang members, Luther's brother Rick, Panthro Torres, and Lisa Brigado monopolized on his absence by taking over the gang and turning it into a ruthless criminal enterprise. Luther was horrified and disgusted the dignity he saw of the gang's origins was thrown away, so when he was released, he decided to take on the people he hated and get his revenge.

Luther started by shooting Panthro Torres out of his apartment window, resulting in his impalement on an awning pillar. When questioned at his restaurant, Luther lied he was intent on "finding" the killer as well. After El Puño put out a hit on Hazel Ortega, a sex worker who was with Panthro, Luther helped out the police by surrendering the shooters and playing for Hazel's medical expenses. He then met Lisa at the restaurant, before ordering everyone out and shooting her dead as well. Luther then blew the restaurant up to distract the investigators. A palm print at the scene fingers Luther as the murderer, and he corners Rick at a warehouse, after Rick shoots Mac in the shoulder to stop their standoff. Luther confesses to the murders and his hatred for the people he targeted, and when Rick is about to shoot Mac, Luther kills him. However, Mac kills Luther when he assumes Luther is the one ready to fire on him.

Modus Operandi[]

Luther targeted the rising members of the El Puño gang that further corrupted the influence of his network. Everyone he killed was murdered by some form of shooting, usually coupled by incidental or diverting circumstances, like Panthro falling and being impaled by happenstance and Lisa being left in Luther's restaurant before he bombed it to divert authorities. Luther's signature was leaving a snakehead stuffed into a bottle of booze as a calling card, to insult the people he killed. Luther shot Rick in what would've been an unjustifiable homicide even but became justifiable when Rick tried to shoot Taylor. Luther was also imprisoned for assault and presumably committed numerous other crimes during his history as a gang leader.

Known Victims[]

  • Presumably committed numerous other crimes prior to Sangre Por Sangre
  • Unnamed victim (assaulted)
  • Panthro Torres (shot twice, then plummeted out a window and was impaled on a sharp awning stake)
  • Lisa Brigaso (fatally shot, then blown up in the gang's restaurant postmortem)
  • Rick Devarro (attempted to shoot unlawfully, then shot dead lawfully to save Mac Taylor)