The Friendship between Mac Taylor and Don Flack is one of the oldest on CSI: NY.


In episode 224, "Charge of this Post", Flack is critically injured when a bomb goes off in a building he and Mac are evacuating. Until their rescue, Taylor is able to keep Flack alive using a shoelace and prior experience in the Beirut barracks bombing. Flack remains unconscious for the remainder of the episode, but has since fully recovered, his concerned colleagues (especially Mac) standing vigil at his bedside. When Flack returns to work, his friends tease him about using his "battle wounds" to impress the ladies (episode 301, "People With Money"). His friendship with Mac Taylor is tested when Taylor uncovers evidence that one of Flack's men is a dirty cop and asks Don to turn over his memo notebook to prove it. Though Flack eventually capitulates, their relationship is a bit tense for a some time after (episode 308, "Consequences," episode 310, "Sweet 16").


  • The memory of it hit him hard, especially in the episode Charge of this Post, after barely managing to save the life of his friend and colleague Don Flack after at bombing. The 1/8 also served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. According to episode 224, "Charge of this Post," Mac was discharged in March 1992, so he probably also served in these operations in some capacity, but so far there hasn't been a mention of them.