Minor Character: Miami
Name Marcos Trejo
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Drug Trafficker
Pathology Drug Trafficker
Gang Leader
Proxy Assailant
Modus Operandi Drug Trafficking
Proxy Assault and Endangerment
No. of Victims 1+drugs trafficked
3+ attempted by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Raymond Cruz
First Appearance Special Delivery

Marcos Trejo is the leader of a drug trafficking ring targeted by Sean Moran in Special Delivery in CSI:Miami.


Trejo ran a drug operation partnered with Mark and Sheila Hartford, a husband and wife who run a toy company, disguising the drugs as dolls to be shipped and cooked down so they'd be delivered to clients. He shared his profits with an unsuspecting girlfriend named Nikki Vega, who was harassed by delivery man Doug Govoli. That and Govoli stealing Trejo's profits caused Trejo to chokehold Govoli one time, threatening him with his life if he didn't back off. He was a suspect in Govoli's murder by vigilante Sean Moran, who infiltrated the cartel to kill its admins to save his best friend, Travis Welsh, from killing himself with the drugs Trejo supplied him. Trejo told them about the fight but left out the profit stealing, consenting to a cheek swab to rule himself out as a suspect. When Sheila was also killed, and Horatio Caine and Frank Tripp got into a shootout with two cookers that got them both killed by the detectives, not to mention Welsh overdosing and ending up in a coma, all the damage soon after traced back to Trejo. He was held at gunpoint and forced to assume the position, then demanded to give a confession after he was caught. He admits when globalization happened he figured he could run drugs through that as well, knowing the profits it could bring. At Caine's open assumptions, he confirmed the rest of the fight was about the missing profits, but he openly says despite his crimes, he's never killed people before. He's immediately arrested and incarcerated, as well as Moran when he's tracked for the murders he committed, believing his actions outed Trejo as the leader and took down the ring, to Caine's apathetic rebuttal of that.

Modus Operandi[]

Trejo had the drugs smuggled in to look like porcelain doll shipments, then distributed the deliveries through the Hartfords' toy factory to be taken to meth labs, where they were cooked down and then mailed to paying clients. Trejo assaulted and threatened Govoli for harassing his girlfriend and stealing from his kickbacks, and his cartel men tried to kill Caine and Tripp by shooting them when the lab was found.

Known Victims[]

  • Possibly numerous victims to cartel fighting and drug overdoses
  • Doug Govoli (assaulted and threatened; was released)
  • Travis Welsh (overdosed on drugs from Trejo's supply; went into a coma, but lived and woke up again)
  • Horatio Caine and Frank Tripp (attempted; shot at by two drug cookers, but the shooter were killed instead)