Minor Character: Miami
Name Marisa Dixon
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Actress
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 framed
1 attacked
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Adrianne Palicki
First Appearance Dead on Arrival

Marisa Dixon is a murderer appearing in Dead on Arrival in CSI:Miami.


Dixon was a contestant on The Marrying Kind, a reality TV competition where she was one of many women competing to impress and marry bachelor Neil Palmer. She tried to cheat and make a deal with Palmer, trying to set herself up to win for the money, herself getting a quarter of the million dollar prize and Palmer getting the rest. He originally agreed to Dixon's content, but she was horrified to have been kicked off and realized Palmer was in love with her roommate, Grace Carlson.

Despite her guarantee at William Morris casting agency for her hopes of a career in acting, she wanted the money and was furious the deal was off. She shredded Grace's clothes she won as a prize for a competition and even fought her once. When the end of the show was approaching, Dixon prepared her revenge stole transceivers from the host, Myles Martini, to use for scrambling the limo cameras, for Grace and her final opponent, Kaitlyn Sawyer. When the limos were side by side before the final filming day, Dixon activated the transceivers to cut the cameras, broke into Grace's limo, and stabbed her to death with a bottle opener. Dixon then planted the murder weapon in Sawyer's room to frame her.

But snake venom from Dixon's and Palmer's spa treatment left on the bottle opener, Dixon's skin under her fingernails, and a cut on Dixon's hand from the shredded clothes were her undoing. She begrudgingly confessed and was arrested and imprisoned.

Known Victims[]

  • Grace Carlson (previously shredded her clothes and physically attacked; later stabbed to death with a bottle opener)
  • Kaitlyn Sawyer (framed for Grace's murder with the weapon in her room)