Minor Character: Miami
Name Marisela Gonzalez
Gender Female
Family Carlos Gonzalez (son; incarcerated)
City Miami
Occupation Cuban refugee activist
Status Alive
Portrayed By Maria Conchita Alonza
First Appearance Blood Moon

Marisela Gonzolez is a Cuban refugee activist and a victim of Cuban guerilla, torturer, and rapist Juan Marco Varon, the biological father of her son and Varon's future murderer Carlos Gonzalez, made from the rapes by Varon Marisela suffered years before. She appeared in Blood Moon in CSI:Miami.


Marisela is a Cuban refugee and victim of war guerilla Juan Marco Varon. She was repeatedly raped and tortured, branded with an "x" on her shoulder "as property". The rapes resulting in her getting pregnant with her son, Carlos Gonzalez. When she escaped the tortures, she kept her child and gave birth to him, loving him as her flesh and blood but never telling him for his entire life how he was conceived and born, despite openly mentioning Varon and the tortures and rapes she was put through, which Carlos never forgave Varon for. Marisela eventually escaped Cuba and sought refuge in Miami, promising Carlos to get him and bring him to America as well so they stay together as a family. She successfully gained asylum and devoted herself to rescuing other Cuban refugees who crossed the border, going as far as swimming over. She would advocate for their asylum and work to help them find shelter while they stayed in the States. Varon also fled, but to avoid prosecution, hiding, shockingly, in Miami as well under the guise of a cigar shop owner. Carlos eventually swam to Miami himself, meeting his mother on the shores of the city. Drenched in seawater and dehydrated, Marisela insisted on getting him medical attention and refuge, but despite her discouragement attempts, Carlos had one thing on his mind: revenge on Varon by torturing him to death.

Blood Moon[]

When Carlos succeeded and cleaned up the scene of his own traces before running, and when Varon was found out in an actual identity, Marisela was found and question. She tried to keep the agents from her son, but they knew the rapes and tortures Varon subjected her to. To confirm, Marisela solemnly show the "x" on her shoulder, matching the marks left on Varon to copy the tortures that Varon was killed with. She also admits the truth when they figure out the timeline between the rapes and Carlos' life: Varon is the father of her son, a product of the rapes. Carlos is eventually arrested, and he gives a full confession. In denial and sickened, he's told the truth about his birth. he meets Marisela just before he's carted off. As she cries and apologizes, he inquires why she never said. The two cry together and grieve, exchanging their sentiments before Carlos is escorted away. Despite obstructing justice, Marisela is never charged, likely continuing her activism and supporting her son in his defense at his trial.