Mark Darin is a video game designer and writer who works at Telltale Games. He wrote "Starved For Help" of The Walking Dead: Season One and co-wrote the "400 Days" DLC.


Darin began at Telltale after creating a series of freeware games called Nick Bounty. Prior to The Walking Dead, he performed design work on CSI: Hard Evidence, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Tales of Monkey Island, and Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent.


  • 2008 CSI: Hard Evidence, co-designer (Telltale Games)
  • 2008 Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, co-designer (Telltale Games)
  • 2008 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, co-designer (Telltale Games)
  • 2009 Tales of Monkey Island, co-designer (Telltale Games)
  • 2010 Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent, co-designer (Telltale Games)
  • 2011 Hector: Badge of Carnage, design, script editing (Telltale Games)
  • 2011 Jurassic Park: The Game, co-designer (The Calvary) (Telltale Games)
  • 2012 Law & Order: Legacies, additional design (Telltale Games)
  • 2012 The Walking Dead, writer (Starved for Help) (Telltale Games)
  • 2013 The Walking Dead: 400 Days, co-designer, co-writer (Telltale Games)
  • 2014 The Walking Dead: Season Two, additional design (Telltale Games)

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