Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Marta Santiago
Gender Female
Family Unnamed husband (deceased)
Julian Santiago (son)
Alisa Santiago (oldest daughter)
Diana Santiago (youngest daughter; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Murderer
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 abducted
Status Alive
Portrayed By Bertila Damas
First Appearance House of Hoarders

Marta Santiago is a woman with compulsive hoarding disorder, who eventually killed one of her daughters and resulted in her holding her other daughter captive.


Marta had a longstanding hoarding problem, from family memorabilia to miscellaneous worthless items, which ended up driving her husband to commit suicide. As she wasn't in a condition to provide for her family, her son Julian was the provider with his job at a halfway house for troubled youth, what he encouraged for himself as a career that stemmed from his family experiences. Julian also removed Diana, one of his sisters, to protect her from the poor living conditions of the house. Marta was order by Julian to eventually clean her house up, with Diana's assistance. When Marta was fed up, she tried to snatch something out of Diana's hands, only for Diana to fall back and hit her head on a stack of books. She said she was fine, but died from a brain bleed inadvertently and was lost in the stacks of possessions throughout the house to be left to rot without being noticed.

When officers were called to the house and smelled decay, the CSIs were called, Nick Stokes eventually stepping in Diana's melting remains. Marta was taken into custody and questioned, more obsessed over her house, and Julian refused to believe she was a murderer, providing her legal representation. The truth about Diana was found out, but then the skeletons of four boys were found buried in junk in the yard. Marta was booked, and even Julian was briefly suspected once he was found to have supervised them at the halfway house. The other daughter in the family Alisa, was found cuffed to her bed and gagged, but alive, which increases senses of suspicion on the family. Sara Sidle sympathizes with Marta, as Sara's mother killed her father because of schizophrenia, and she looks for other answers to get confirmation of the truth.

They do when finding a roll of ribbon used to tie the boys' remains, and the arsenic-filled rat poison they were killed with. Fingerprints and DNA lead to Alisa, revealing Marta knew she was a serial killer and cuffed her to the bed to stop her. Alisa was detained, and she had no problem confessing, while Julian and Marta were released. Marta wasn't charged on the agreement she seek professional help to treat her mental illness and clear her home.

Known Victims[]

  • Diana Santiago (her youngest daughter; accidentally knocked her head against a stack of books; died from internal bleeding in her head)
  • Alisa Santiago (her oldest daughter; cuffed to a bed and gagged; was rescued)