Minor Character: Miami
Name Marvin Duffy
Gender Male
City Miami
Pathology Stalker
Modus Operandi Pictures
Burning with cigarette
No. of Victims 1 stalked
1 assaulted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Nathan Baesel
First Appearance Flight Risk

Marvin Duffy is the stalker of murder victim Suzanne Grady.


Duffy was obsessed with Grady and took pictures of her while following her around, even breaking into her house to watch her as a voyeur and send her pictures as proof. He met her in a flight where he smoked a cigarette in the bathroom to get her attention. She burned her hand trying to snatch it and went looking for it. Suzanne was later found killed when she fell out of the baggage conveyor belt. It would be revealed she died by accident when hitting a sharp edge that cut her throat at one turn.

Jenna York, another stewardess, directed the detectives to Duffy once she showed them the pictures he took and his print was on them. Duffy admitted to the stalking, all the way down to smoking as a ploy, but he refused to admit to killing her. It was revealed York drugged her and stuffed her in a bag to discredit her knowledge of drug smuggling she and air marshal Aaron Nolan were responsible for on their flights.

Duffy was arrested and incarcerated on numerous charges regarding the stalking.

Modus Operandi[]

Duffy would follow stewardess Suzanne Grady around and take pictures of her, even when breaking into her home. The pictures would be sent to or left around for her to find and have invasive, disturbing messages on them. Duffy decided to escalate and smoke in a flying plane to get Suzanne's attention. In a struggle, he burned Suzanne's hand with his cigarette when she tried to get him to stop.

Known Victims[]

  • Suzanne Grady (stalked, harassed, and burned her hand with a cigarette)