Minor Character: Miami
Name Mary Kinnan
Gender Male
Family Fred Kinnan (ex husband)
Unseen children
City Miami
Occupation Hair stylist
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Bludgeoning, preceded by vandalism
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 framed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Susan Walters
First Appearance Speed Kills

Mary Kinnan is a murderer and revenge killer appearing in Speed Kills in CSI:Miami.


Mary was unsatisfied with her marriage with her husband, Fred Kinnan, and started speed dating at a public venue named the Neuron Lounge. Their marriage was broken up, and Fred was in the process of moving his items out of their house at the time of the episode. She met a man named Richard Laken and dated him some, before he broke it off. Laken alleged he missed an ex he never had, but Mary was livid to find out he was back at the speed dating event.

Out of revenge, she got acetone she had from her job as a hair stylist and poured it all over Laken's car out of revenge, and to lure him outside. Laken ran just outside to pull out his phone and call the police, as he saw a mugger, Jack Webster, he had seen beat a man into a coma at the venue and was ready to report him. Mary came outside with her personal tire iron, demanding answers from Laken as to why she still wasn't with him. Laken tried to shoo her off, saying all he wanted from the event was sex, which left Mary feeling like less of a woman. She was enraged enough to bludgeon Laken to death with a tire iron, striking his head three times before he could report Webster, Webster by then having gotten away when finding out he was seen.

Mary was tracked because her job, which was listed in her event information, would involve the chemicals used to vandalize Haken's car. The only thing she admitted to was the vandalism, not killing Laken, alleging he already fled and didn't even give his scorecard to the host. But boiling Laken's skull to cast his wounds confirmed the weapon used on him. Cast stone at the scene, which Fred used in his construction work, and the tire iron with dried blood in his car Mary left to frame him led to his arrest. But the CSIs realize the weapon belongs to Mary because it fits her car's tires, not Fred's.

She starts off by trying to say she defended herself, that Laken took the first swing at her. But the CSIs checked and debunked her account, so she gave a full confession. Mary was arrested and incarcerated for Laken's murder and vandalizing his car as a result.

Modus Operandi[]

Mary lured Laken outside by pouring acetone on his car. She then came up behind him, confronted him face to face, and beat him three times in his head with a tire iron. She then left the weapon in her ex-husband Fred's belongings to frame him.

Known Victims[]

  • Richard Laken (bludgeoned three times in his head with a tire iron; also vandalized his car with acetone)
  • Fred Kinnan (her ex-husband; attempted to frame with the murder weapon in his car, but failed)