Minor Character: Miami
Name Matt Bolton
Gender Male
Family Unnamed ex-wife
City Miami
No. of Victims 1 sexually harassed
Status Deceased
First Appearance Blood Moon

Matt Bolton is a sexual harasser and later a murder victim appearing in Blood Moon in CSI:Miami.


Bolton was in an outdoor beach theater next to Melanie Hines. He started making passes at her, and when she was interested, he said she was a "bitch" and compared her to his ex-wife. She tried to defend herself best she could, but they were both kicked out of the event. Bolton blamed Hines, so when she insulted him as a man, he keyed her car. When Bolton was at a nearby ATM, Hines tracked him down, pistol in her hand with how shaken she was, and she let Bolton have it with her protests. Bolton didn't care, so she turned away and started walking back to her car, but because the gun she held had a weak trigger, she tripped on a parking stop and accidentally fired, shooting Bolton once in the heart. She ran off and Bolton was found dead later, but Hines, in spite of smashing the window of and ditching her car to report it as "stolen", was also found out. When caught with the evidence, she pled her case. The prosecutor saw a weak case and refused to charge her. Tim Speedle, horrified, stopped Hines in the elevator and tried to defend Bolton with as much composure as he could, but she had none of it and went down the lab’s elevator.

Known Victims[]

  • Melanie Hines (sexually harassed and vandalized her car; later shot be her by accident)