Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Matthew Babajide
Alias Laurent Senyabou
Gender Male
Birth Date 1968
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed daughter
City Las Vegas
Pathology Mass Murderer
War Criminal
Modus Operandi Grenades/machete (Rwanda)
No. of Victims Numerous (Rwanda)
Sean Becker
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Michael K. Williams
First Appearance World's End

Matthew Babajide (aka Laurent Senyabou) was a Rwandan war criminal responsible for a massacre at a church in 1994. He appeared in Season Ten of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


He fled to the United States in 1995 and assumed the alias of Laurent Senyabou, finding a photo of two African girls, which he would claim were his sisters. Sometime later, he married an American woman and they both had a daughter. He would take a job as a janitor at Jefferson High School.

Season Ten[]

World's End[]

A local racist, Sean Becker, wanted to leave his life of hatred behind and asked him about what happened in Rwanda. Babajide was soon encountered by Sean and his friends, who assault him, but Sean stops them, taking a few hits himself.

Eventually, Becker discovered Babajide's true identity and when he failed to ask Lindsey Willows to have her mother run a fingerprint he took off a bottle, he confronted him. Babajide stabbed him with a screwdriver to protect his secret and threw him into a storm drain, but the broken handle leaves two cuts on his hand.

It was thanks to that fingerprint Becker collected that CSIs found out Babajide's identity and arrest him in front of his wife and daughter. After admitting to killing Sean, he was taken away, watched by his tearful wife before he was eventually extradited to the Hague in order to stand trial for his war crimes.


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