Minor Character: Miami
Name Matthew Sloan
Alias Ted
Gender Male
Family Tanya Arrington (ex-wife; incarcerated)
Jason Sloan (son)
City Miami
Pathology Mass Assailant
Mass Abductor
Attempted Proxy Murderer
Modus Operandi Smoke grenades
Proxy robbery
Temporary framing
No. of Victims 10+ assaulted
4 hostages
1 robbed
1 attempted by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Sharif Atkins
First Appearance Hostile Takeover

Matthew Sloan aka Ted is a hostage taker and assailant who wanted to exonerate himself for several crimes he was framed for and even accidentally tied to, appearing in Hostile Takeover in CSI:Miami.


Matthew Sloan was once married to a woman named Tanya, the two having a son named Jason. Eventually, the two divorced and Tanya remarried a richer man named Lloyd Arrington, gaining full custody of Jason when Lloyd framed Matthew for a break-in Lloyd staged so Tanya had an excuse for a restraining order. Not only this, Tanya would severely batter Jason over "discipline" once the Arringtons got full custody. Sloan's life fully fell apart when his business partner, Darren Ripley, lost the business they made together, costing Matthew all his savings, which Matthew was horrified to find out was from Ripley pushing counterfeit cash in his cask checking line. Destitute, Sloan saw Horatio Caine succeed in the case in Gone Baby Gone, where he saved an infant girl who was abducted and about to be sold in a trafficked "adoption", seeing an opportunity for redemption and revenge. He carefully planned an MDPD hostage situation where he'd demand Caine be the negotiator and head of his case, leaving bread crumbs to crimes he was framed for and lost his life because of, in turn also hoping to save Jason from the Arringtons.

Hostile Takeover[]

When new CSI Jesse Cardoza was coming in from being transferred from LA, Matthew barged in and threw in a smoke grenade to get everybody down, verbalizing the command with the incentive of a shotgun. Cardoza, lab workers Sara Clark and Ben Perkins, and receptionist Danielle Hensen are taken as hostages, with everyone else being ordered to run. Rick Stetler gets on the phone and tries to negotiate, but Matthew demands Caine and no other cops, going by the quick alias of "Ted". Cardoza's cell phone and badge are hidden so Matthew doesn't know he's a cop, and Caine, on the phone, hears Matthew's demands for "justice". Calleigh Duquesne and Ryan Wolfe find his van, assuming him unstable when antidepressants are found in the front. Hensen tries to talk him despite his heightened state, Cardoza trying to tell her to back off, and in the middle of of them all shouting, Matthew pulls the trigger of the pistol in his hand half-involuntarily. She goes into shock and nearly bleeds to death, and as she's on the floor, she lets it slip Cardoza's a cop, to Matthew's horror. But because the situation's potentially deadly, Caine goes in with a bulletproof vest. Matthew says it's different than him being on TV, and Caine responds with he agrees to hear his real demands and will do whatever it takes but demands on Hensen being released to get immediate medical attention as a deal. Matthew agrees and finally makes his real demands of a hundred grand from Ripley's check cashing vault and a helicopter for an escape. Despite Ripley's stonewalling from being appalled, the money's delivered. Clark and Perkins are waking out with someone in Matthew's disguise toward the helicopter, shotgun aimed at them, but Caine realizing Cardoza isn't there sees duct tape on the shotgun and the disguised person's hands. He calls off SWAT and the snipers and removes the helmet to reveal Cardoza with a gag over his mouth, revealing the whole thing as a setup, as Matthew immediately jumped to getting out a back exit, having the chopper be a diversion. Matthew later calls Caine and personally states refusal to come back until the people who did him injustices are arrested. Having already arrested Ripley once finding the money, which was left behind in the bag, to be counterfeit, they go to the Arrington house and find evidence of a break-in, but a hair showing Lloyd was responsible for the vandalism, revealing the frame job that was just previously pinned on Matthew by Lloyd and Tanya. Lloyd is also arrested, as is Tanya when revealed she broke Jason's wrist that was in a cast from pulling on it too hard too many times. Then, Matthew reports his location seeing the coverage of all the arrests. Caine arrives with backup at a sidewalk bench near the beach, Matthew saying his ready to surrender. Before he's taken away, Matthew sees Jason, greeting him with a hug and a "hey, little man". He tells his son to go with Caine, for he'll look after him while he's in prison. As Matthew gives his thanks, he's arrested, eventually being incarcerated for his vigilantism.

Modus Operandi[]

Sloan barged in the crime lab with a motorcycle helmet and leather clothes throwing a smoke grenade in to startle everyone. He then took hostages who weren't cops, except for Jesse Cardoza, assuming he wasn't because was just checking in out of uniform. He specifically demanded Horatio Caine to handle his case, seeing him on TV and hoping his performance as a cop would help meet his demands better. He insisted on one hundred grand from his old business partner, Darren Ripley, to leave the cash behind to out it as counterfeit. As a diversion, he demanded a helicopter for an escape, dressed Cardoza in his outfit, and duct taped him and the other hostages to the shotgun he was holding, forcing them to the helicopter, all as a diversion to escape out a back exit. He refused to turn himself in until his ex-wife and her new husband, Tanya and Lloyd Arrington, were arrested for their crimes as well. He accidentally shot Danielle Hensen in her torso once with a pistol on hand in a heated altercation, leading her to go into shock and nearly bleed to death, but Caine got his sympathy to have her be gurneyed out to save her in time.

Known Victims[]

  • Jesse Cardoza (assaulted with a smoke grenade and took hostage; later forced into Sloan's clothes and duct taped to Sloan's shotgun and the other hostages, forcing to walk outside; nearly shot by police snipers, but was rescued)
  • Danielle Hensen (assaulted with a smoke grenade and took hostage; shot in the abdomen in a heated argument and nearly killed; was rescued)
  • Sara Clark (assaulted with a smoke grenade and took hostage; duct taped to Cardoza and Sloan's shotgun and forced to walk outside; was rescued)
  • Ben Perkins (assaulted with a smoke grenade and took hostage; duct taped to Cardoza and Sloan's shotgun and forced to walk outside; was rescued)
  • Numerous other people in the MDPD crime lab (all assaulted with a smoke grenade released)
  • Darren Ripley (robbed of counterfeit money at the MDPD's behest)